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Slush Monkey is a villain from the Care Bears Comic book series who appeared in the first issue, The Plot to Steal Summer. He is a blue-furred chimpanzee who has the ability to create ice and slush wherever he walks, and is one of the henchman of Glump along with Haywood the Hailstone Hare and Beezy the Sleazy Freezy Dragon.


When Glump spies two children having fun on the beach, he decides to put a damper on their day by having Haywood pummel them with hail. However, this only succeeds in summoning the Tenderheart Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Funshine Bear to the scene, who use Funshine's powers to clear up the bad weather. Going to his second option the Glump orders Slush Monkey and Beezy to cause a massive blizzard, which forces the bears to retreat to think of a new plan.

After Funshine and Good Luck Bear attempt to assault Glump's home directly, they are repelled by Beezy and his cohorts, and must regroup yet again to think of another solution. When Cheer Bear suggests that they have some fun in the snow instead, the bears begin skiing, sledding, and ice skating on the now-frozen beach, and invite the two children along as well. Though Glump finds this whole situation mortifying, his henchman are actually envious of their fun and decide to join the, which promptly leads to them being fired. The Plot to Steal Summer

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