Smart Heart Bear is a toy-exclusive Care Bear who debuted as a plush doll in Early 1980s In 1985 to 1988 Late 2000s In 2004.


She has amaranth red fur and her Belly badge is a bright red teacher's apple with a small white heart-shaped shine in its upper corner.


Curious, inquisitive, and bookish, Smart Heart lives to learn and absorb all the knowledge she can. No theory too great, no factoid too small, she's at her happiest when her muzzle is buried in a nice big tome. But even she knows that all the smarts in the world don't add up to a hill of papyrus unless one has the is willing to explore and question all the wonders around them, and seeks to broaden minds as much as fill them.

1980s series ==

1985-1988 toyline

Like A Shreeky Into My The Care Bears Family.

Care Bears Care Bears Countdown – Classic Care Bears Theme Song

Care Bears Care Bears Countdown – Classic Care Bears Theme Song

2000's series

2002-2006 toyline

Smart Heart first appeared as a plush doll in 2004 during the Care Bears relaunch toyline. Since then, she has been made into a variety of other playthings, including talking dolls, bobble heads, and a guessing game.

Adventures in Care-a-lot

Smart Heart Library

The Smart Heart Library from Adventures in Care-a-Lot

While she doesn't appear in the series itself or its corresponding toyline, the Smart Heart Library in Care-a-Lot is apparently named for her, though it is seemingly run by Love-a-Lot Bear.


1985-1988, 2004-2006: Smart Heart Bear approaches her world with a sense of wonder and delight. Always questioning even the simplest things she is continually learning and encourages others to do the same. She thinks a curious, open mind is so important she shows it with her symbol - a teacher's apple!


  • Smart Heart's Belly Badge and general appearance are very similar to the original design of Take Care Bear from the 80's toyline.

In other languages:
Japanese: スマートハートベア

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