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Sour Sam the Pie Man is a villain from the Care Bears Family television series whose sole appearance was in the episode Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise. He is a heavy-set man with a crown line who wears an apron and chef's toque hat, which looks like a Muffin, and owns his own pie factory where he creates his "crabby apple pies", which cause anyone who eats them to become angry and irritable.

Hoping to disrupt a town's Thanksgiving festivities and corrupt the Care Bears at the same time, he attempted to give away his perverse pastries during a town celebration, but ran into an old foe in the form of Grams Bear, who fought back with her own brand of baked goods.

Original series[]

Care Bears Family TV series[]

The cranky chef's first and only appearance was in the 11th episode of Nelvana's Care Bears Family television series, where he tried to spread unhappiness and anger across a small town by giving away "crabby apple pies" to its citizens. After noticing Share Bear, who had arrived early to help a boy named Tony with his Thanksgiving speech, he vowed to do something not even No Heart could - corrupt the Care Bears along with the whole town. When the Care Bears came down to investigate why everyone was so miserable, they slowly became corrupted one by one, by being tricked into eating his pies, leaving Share and Tony the only ones in town still in their right mind.

Grams Bear arrives on the scene and quickly deduces the culprit, and is able to turn Tenderheart Bear back to normal with one of her own Happy Apple Pies. She, Share, Hugs, Tugs, and Tony travel to Sam's factory to face the mad baker head-on, and are able to change incapacitate him with another one of Gram's patented pies. Unfortunately, there isn't enough time to use Sam's own equipment to make enough pies to revert everyone, so Share convinces Tony to give his speech to the town instead, with the sheer good spirit of Thanksgiving proving strong enough to reverse the effects. Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise


  • The dialogue between Sour Sam and Grams Bear implies that they've met before.
  • Like all other Care Bears villains, he has never shown a real reason for wanting to be evil or his motivation for such evil.
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