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Maestro Strato Nefarious is a villain whose only appearance was in the original DiC Care Bears TV series episode "The Night the Stars Went Out". A violinist from the outer reaches of space, he loves nothing more than playing a stirring tune, but his home unfortunately lacks enough light for him to see his sheet music. Thus, he travels to the skies above Earth to steal the very stars that rest there, hoping to use their light to aid in his own personal performances.

He makes his way about the galaxy in a cloud ship made up of numerous bellows and pipes that he controls with foot pedals. If need be, his ship can morph into the shape of a hand and fire blasts of destructive energy from its fingers.

Original series[]

Care Bears TV series[]

The mad maestro's only appearance was in the 14th episode of DiC's original Care Bears animated series, "The Night the Stars Went Out". When the stars of the night sky mysteriously begin to vanish, the Care Bears know something is amiss, but can't figure out the cause until Bedtime Bear and Wish Bear stumble upon the cloud ship of Nefarious himself.

Alerting the other bears the situation, a large group of them fly to his vessel with umbrellas, and are promptly attacked by his defenses. Grumpy Bear is able to bat some of the blasts back at him with his umbrella, but it's obvious that a stronger message needs to be sent. Gathering their strength, the bears fire a Care Bear Stare that destroys his ship, leaving him helpless. He tells them that he only wanted the stars so he could see his music well enough to play, so Funshine Bear creates a small sun that she places in a jar for him to use instead. With that, the absconded stars are returned to the sky, and everything returns to normal.



  • His name is a play on the word "Stradivarius", referring to any of the famous stringed instruments made by the Stradivari family in the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • The music Nefarious constantly plays is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".
  • Dialogue within his debut episode suggests that the Care Bears have met him before, or at least know who he is, though he has made no on-screen appearances before or since.
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