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Take Heart is the first episode of the first season of Care Bears and Cousins.


When the Care Bear Cousins arrive in Care-a-Lot, it's time for a lesson in Care Hearts! But Wonderheart has a cloud over her head and doesn't seem willing to learn.


The Care Bear Cousins (also referred to as the Care Crew), consisting only of Lotsa Heart Elephant, Brave Heart Lion, Cozy Heart Penguin and Bright Heart Racoon are on a mission to collect Care Hearts in the Cloud Clipper so they can upload them to the Share Cloud to refill the Care-O-Meter. The Share Cloud begins to head towards Care-a-Lot, the home of the Care Crew, and as part of their quest is to track the Share Cloud they must head back also. Due to their quest, the Care Crew hasn't been to Care-a-Lot for a very long time.

Back in Care-a-lot, Wonderheart is having the worst belly-ache of all belly-aches, almost as if her belly badge itself is causing her pain, something no Care Bear or Cousin has ever experienced before. Share, Funshine, Harmony, Cheer and Grumpy come to the Lighthouse, where Wonderheart is staying, to do what they can to help her. Grumpy bear offers to read Wonderheart a story after he helps out Tenderheart, and she asks him to bring Floppy Bunny downstairs once he's done.

Grumpy and Tenderheart head upstairs to a balcony, where lots of Care Hearts are seen fluttering about. The bears are unaware of what the Care Hearts are. Suddenly, they notice the Share Cloud hurtling right for them! It narrowly misses the lighthouse and perches itself on top of it. The Cloud Clipper is not as easily maneuvered however, and collides directly with the building. Grumpy and Tenderheart make their way to the bottom of the tower to check on the other bears before going outside to survey the damage and meet their unexpected guests.

Grumpy asks who the Care Bear Cousins are, and they introduce themselves. The Cousins seem confused that the Care Bears have never heard of them or their mission to collect Care Hearts Before, or even of the Share Cloud. The Care Crew then explain that Care Hearts are created when people from the world below care about someone or something. Most of them are attracted to the Share Cloud like a magnet, but some get lost along the way. If the Care Crew didn't track them down and collect them, they'd never find the Share Cloud. To help them on their mission, Bright Heart Raccoon has invented some very important pieces of equipment to help them, such as the Grabbergus. The Grabbergus has a vacuum function that collects Care Hearts, and also has a tracker to help find them, as they can hide in any place. The vacuum can also be reversed to send the Care Hearts into the Share Cloud, which is essential for the Care-o-Meter. The Care Crew asks the bears if they know what the Care-o-Meter is, and Funshine scoffs at them and says "We're Care Bears dude! We know the Care-o-Meter measures caring!".

The Care Crew then explains that it is their mission to fill a quota of Care Hearts that are collected and supplied to the Share Cloud so that the Care-o-Meter is at its full capacity. When Share Bear asks what happens if they don't get enough Care Hearts, the Care Crew reluctantly explain that if the Care-o-Meter isn't full, there isn't enough caring and Care-a-Lot would disappear, which is why they take their mission so seriously. Wonderheart asks who sent them on the mission. Tenderheart bashfully admits to doing so a long time ago, much to the shock of the rest of the bears. Grumpy asks what other secrets Tenderheart is keeping, but he brushes the question off.

Brave Heart launches into a heroic retelling of the Crew's experience on the Cloud Clipper, stating that they never looked back once they left Care-a-Lot in pursuit of the Share Cloud until it lead them back to their home, right into the side of the Lighthouse. Lotsa Heart apologises for losing control of the ship. While Brave Heart assures the bears that the damage won't be that bad, the Cloud Clipper finally falls from the side of the building, right behind the cousin, demolishing the ceiling of Wonderheart's room.

Wonderheart runs to her room to survey the additional damage. She runs around frantically looking for Floppy Bunny, her beloved stuffed animal. She finds him on the floor, covered in orange paint. She yells about how the Care Crew ruined him and everything else too, and how sorry she is to him. Grumpy apologises to Wonderheart and tells her he should've brought Floppy Bunny down to her sooner. The Care Crew apologise profusely and offer to fix Floppy Bunny for her. Wonderheart sighs and tells them that she thinks they've all done enough before going back downstairs.

Lotsa Heart mentions that Wonderheart must think that they are the worst Cousins ever. Brave Heart walks over to the hole in the side of the wall and looks out, mentioning that at the moment, they kind of are. He claps his hands to summon a cloud and the four Cousins jup on it and ride it back down to the ground outside the lighthouse. As Grumpy glares down at them, he asks Tenderheart what made him trust the Cousins in the first place. Tenderheart explains that while the Cousins may have a different way of doing things, but that their hearts are in the right place, even if they are the clumsiest crew to sail the sky. Grumpy confronts him about why they have finally come back to Care-a-Lot. Tenderheart admits that he doesn't actually know this time, but that he has a feeling the Share Heart has come back for a reason.

Wonderheart is sleeping on a couch in the downstairs room in the Lighthouse as her Belly badge flashes with every Care Heart that the Share Heart uploads. She suddenly jumps up and exclaims that she feels wonderful. That is, until she looks outside at the damage to her room. She notices the Share Cloud, still above the lighthouse and tells it that it's wonderful to see it. The Share Cloud flashes in time with her Belly badge before Wonderheart runs off, the Share Cloud following her close behind.

Beastly, who is on the beach looking for something, suddenly notices a Care Heart fluttering around his head. He attempts to snatch it from the air a few times before it settles on his finger, and then flying up into the sky as Wonderheart approaches. Beastly growls when he sees her, but notices she hasn't spotted him yet, so he dashes behind a rock. Wonderheart looks up and finally notices that the Share Cloud has followed her all the way to Adventure Beach. Every time that Wonderheart's Belly badge flashes, the Share Cloud returns a flash. Wonderheart runs forward a little bit, looking to see if the Share Cloud will follow. It follows her, and even does a little spin with her! She realises that the Share Cloud is indeed following her, and asks it to do a jump while Funshine is seen sunbathing on a hammock in the background. When she asks, her Belly badge flashes. The cloud obliges before returning a flash of it's own. She asks it to do a flip, and it does what she asks before returning a flash. Next, Wonderheart whispers to the Share Cloud, asking it to block Funshine's sunshine. It obliges and returns a flash. Wonderheart asks the cloud to let the sun shine again and sends a flash. The Share cloud does so, returning a flash of its own.

Suddenly, a group of Care Hearts flutter by, and the bell on the Cloud Clipper is heard. Beastly reacts with surprise at the sight of the ship. Wonderheart is dismayed at the Cousins arrival due to their tendency to wreck things, and asks the Share Cloud to hide from them with her. Funshine finally wakes up to a total eclipse of Care Hearts surrounding him. The Care Crew spot the Care Hearts and jump in to take heart. They are rather clulmsy while doing so, erratically running around in chase of the hearts, often bumping in to Funshine as they do so. Wonderheart reprimands them, stating that their job is to collect Care Hearts, not to roughouse Care Bears. Beastly watches as Brave Heart uses the Grabbergus to suck up the Care Hearts. The Cousins apologise to Funshine, stating that their collection methods are a little on the 'wild side'. Funshine awkwardly chuckles and says that fortunately for them, he likes the wild side. Wonderheart tells the Share Cloud that the Cousins are lucky that Funshine isn't hurt.

Bright Heart starts to panic as he realises that the Grabbergus is about to reach maximum density due to the number of Care Hearts that they had gathered that day without depositing them in the Share Cloud. He remarks that if tthey don't deposit the Care Hearts into the Share Cloud before their next excursion, the Grabbergus is bound to have a breach. As the Care Crew prepare to board the ship, Funshine reappears, this time wearing helmet and harness that match the Care Crews' and asks if he can ride in the sky with them since he's never done it before. Brave Heart agrees, and pulls him up to the ship with them. Brave Heart carelessly puts down the Grabbergus, which falls from the ship to the beach without him noticing. Beastly snatches it from behind the rock. The Care Cousins set off to the Lighthouse in the ship.

Wonderheart tells the Share Cloud that the Cousins just aren't safe, and that if they keep collecting Care Hearts, they are going to wreck all of Care-a-Lot. She then realises that if they can't find the Share Heart, that they will stop collecting Care Hearts and will stop wrecking stuff. Wonderheart tells the Share cloud to follow her, and it does.

Once the Crew and Funshine make it back to the lighthouse, they let Grumpy and Funshine know that they collected a lot of Care Hearts, and that they were just going to upload them and head back out for more. They look around for the Grabbergus, but can't find it. Brave Heart asks Bright Heart if he has it, which he doesn't. Brave Heart then announces to the crew that it is missing, and Lotsa Heart mentions that the Share Cloud is missing as well. They ask Grumpy and Tenderheart if they've seen the cloud, but they were too busy working on the repairs to the Lighthouse to notice it go missing. Bright Heart mentions that the Care-o-Meter is dropping below acceptable levels, and that if it drops much further, it will start to affect Care-a-Lot. Brave Heart quickly formulates a plan. He asks Funshine, Grumpy and Tenderheart to take the West of Care-a-Lot while the Crew takes the East, starting back at Funshine Island. he then tells them that if they find anything, to send up their Belly badge beacon.

Beastly is seen collecting Care Hearts with the Grabbergus as Cheer, Share and Harmony share a pot of tea and chat, oblivious to the danger that they're in. As Beastly collects more hearts, the bears begin to fade away. Wonderheart hides behind a tree with the Share Cloud just as the Cousins run across a nearby bridge. Wonderheart spots Beastly using the Grabbergus and realises that something has gone terribly wrong. The Cousins surround Beastly and sternly asks him who he is and what he is doing with the Grabbergus.

Beastly briefly introduces himself before insulting each of the cousins. When Lotsa Heart asks him what he is doing with the Care Hearts, Beastly takes them to his cave and shows them that he has made a number of household items with the Care Hearts, including a throne, a rug, decorative ilghts and picture frames. He remarks that he is so much happier with his cave, and thinks that it shows off his softer side. While Brave Heart recognises how impressive this effort is, especially given the lack of time he had to create these items, he ultimately recognises that they need the Grabbergus back. Bright heart follows up with his additional worries that the Share Heart must be running out of steam, and reiterates that they need the Grabbergus back now to stop Care-a-Lot from breaking. Wonderheart watches this exchange and laments to the Share Cloud about what she has done. Meanwhile, Beastly chastises the Care Crew for losing the Share Cloud, and tells them to find it first. He says that if they do, he'll think about giving them the Grabbergus. Wonderheart reveals herself and tells Beastly to stop thinking and start giving, because she has the Share Cloud. As soon as he sees the cloud he runs off with the Grabbergus.

As they Chase Beastly, the cousins run into a very transparent looking Funshine, Tenderheart and Grumpy. The stop to ask them how they're doing. They each reply with "Not shinin'," "Not feeling well," and "I'm grumpy," respectively. Wonderheart begs them not to lose heart now! With encouragement from the cousins and directions from Wonderheart, the group is able to surround Beastly once again and use their Belly badges to perform a rainbow ray, which arcs up into the sky and back down onto Beastly, who finally relents and gives up the Grabbergus before leaving. Wonderheart urges Braveheart to use the Grabbergus and save Care-a-Lot, and he does. As soon as the Share Heart is supplied with Care Hearts, it flies back into the sky and shines it's light, indicating the Care-o-Meter's full power level. The bears all return to their normal opacity one by one. Wonderheart thanks them and asks the other bears if they're okay. They are, and when Wonderheart asks the Share Cloud if it's okay too, it flashes right back at her.

Tenderheart tells her that it looks much better, and that he has a feeling that Wonderheart is feeling better too. She tells Tenderheart that she is, and that she had been feeling better since she woke up that morning. She tells everyone about how the Share Cloud started following her. She also explains that when she saw the Cousins collecting Care Hearts that she was afraid that they were actually going to wreck all of Care-a-Lot, which is why she hid the Share Cloud from them so they wouldn't have any place to put them. She forgot that not putting the Care Hearts in the Share cloud meant that Care-a-Lot would disappear. She apologises and tells the Cousins that she knows they didn't mean to wreck her room or turn Floppy Bunny orange, and asks for their forgiveness. Of course the crew forgives her, and they show her that they were able to fix Floppy Bunny for her. When she asks them how they did it, Bright Heart chimes in to tell her that when you fly with the clumsiest crew in the sky, you have to invent quality cleaning products, which everyone has a big laugh about.




  • Grumpy (as seen in the UTM series with Dibble), assumes a caretaker role and remarks that "I'd do anything for my favourite little bear". when referring to Wonderheart.
  • Wonderheart refers to Tenderheart as "Uncle Tenderheart"
  • Cozy Heart Penguin doesn't speak any words and instead only makes a trilling sound to indicate that she is talking, while Lotsa Heart Elephant translates.
  • Bright Heart Raccoon refers to Lotsa Heart Elephant as "Lottie".
  • When Tenderheart admits to sending the Care Crew on their mission, the bears react in shock, with Funshine bear exclaiming "Tenderoni?"
  • Brave Heart refers to Bright Heart as "Bright-O"
  • Beastly refers to Lotsa Heart Elephant as a "Pink Pachyderm" and immediately after this a refrain similar to the one in Dumbo plays.