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Talking Care Bears is a line released by Play Along in 2004.


As told by the line, these 13-inch bears can talk and say various phrases by squeezing their left hand or pressing the tummy to give them a hug. The bear will also automatically say up to two extra phrases after the last activation.

Like the classic plush line, each bear comes with a VHS tape containing one or two episodes of The Care Bears Family. These were later relaunched with DVDs.

List of bears[]


  • Baby Hugs Bear: Abby Jacobs
  • Baby Tugs Bear: Carlos Volker
  • Bedtime Bear: Eric Gilbertson
  • Cheer Bear: Tina Turner
  • Daydream Bear: Amber Morgan
  • Friend Bear: Lalainia Lindbjerg
  • Funshine Bear: Trevor Soriano
  • Good Luck Bear: Amanda Soha
  • Harmony Bear: Kristen Robertson
  • Hopeful Heart Bear: Nicole Bouma
  • Laugh-a-Lot Bear/Thanks-A Lot Bear: Sherry Lynn
  • Love-a-Lot Bear: Debi Derryberry
  • Take Care Bear: Heather Avery
  • Tenderheart Bear: Heather Cooper
  • True Heart Bear: Angela Maiorano
  • Secret Bear: Chantal Strand
  • Smart Heart Bear: Jessica Boone
  • Surprise Bear: Grey DeLisle
  • Wish Bear: Emma Stone


Baby Hugs Bear[]

  • "I'm Baby Hugs Bear! I'm 100% huggable!"
  • "I'm a little bear with a big heart!"

Baby Tugs Bear[]

  • "I'm Baby Tugs Bear! I would love a hug from you!"
  • "It's a perfect day to have some fun!"

Bedtime Bear[]

  • "Bringing you sweet dreams all night long!"
  • "Good night, sleep tight!"

Cheer Bear[]

  • "Hi, I'm Cheer Bear! I like to play with you!"
  • "How 'bout a Care Bear hug?"
  • "Hug me if you're my best friend."
  • "Being friends with you is the best!"

Daydream Bear[]

  • "Hiya! Daydream Bear here. You're my best friend."
  • "Hello, I'm Daydream Bear. I like playing with you."
  • "Can I have a great big Care Bear hug?"
  • "I love hugging you."
  • "Being friends with you is the best!"
  • "Dream big and reach for the stars!"
  • (giggles) "That tickles! I've always dreamed for a friend like you."

Funshine Bear[]

  • "I'm Funshine Bear! Let the fun begin!"
  • "Best friends make the best fun!"

Good Luck Bear[]

  • "Hi! I'm Good Luck Bear, and I'm happy-go-lucky!"
  • "I hope you have a lucky day!"

Harmony Bear[]

  • "Hello, I'm Harmony Bear. I love to play with friends like you."
  • "It would be so nice to have a hug."
  • "You are very special."
  • "When we play together, happiness happens!"
  • "Hug me if you want to be friends."
  • "The fun lasts long when we all get along."
  • "Everyone is special in their own special way."

Laugh-a-Lot Bear[]

  • "Hiya! I'm Laugh-a-Lot Bear. I think you're fun to be with."
  • "What do ya think? Could I have a hug?" (giggles)
  • "What a great hug!"
  • "It's me, Laugh-a-Lot Bear!" (giggles) "Tell me something funny."
  • "Hope your day has lots of laughs!"
  • "How about a Care Bear hug?"
  • (giggles) "Your hug tickles me!"

Love-a-Lot Bear[]

  • "Hi, I'm Love-a-Lot Bear. I would love to play with you."
  • "You're so loveable!"

Secret Bear[]

  • "Hi there! I'm your friend Secret Bear! I like playing with you."
  • "My secret wish is for a great big hug."
  • "Wow! That was great!"
  • "I have a secret place for you in my heart."
  • "Hugging you is the best!"
  • "You're fun to be with."

Share Bear[]

  • "Hello, i'm Share Bear. Sharing is Caring and Cool!"
  • "Hey, How about a Care Bear hug?"
  • "I like sharing hugs with you."
  • "Do you like to share a hug?"
  • "You're so huggable!"
  • "Let's always be friends!"

Surprise Bear[]

  • "Surprise! It's me, Surprise Bear. I just LOVE surprises!"
  • "A hug from you would make my day!"
  • "Surprises are my favourite kind of fun."
  • "Hope your day is full of fun surprises!"
  • "How about a Care Bear hug?"
  • "That was a surprisingly nice one!"
  • "You're a special friend."

Take Care Bear[]

  • "Hello, I'm Take Care Bear. I care a lot about you."
  • "Caring and sharing are cool!"
  • "I could use a great, big hug!"
  • "That was a nice hug."

Thanks-a-Lot Bear[]

  • "I'm so thankful for friends like you!"

True Heart Bear[]

  • "Give me a smile! True Heart Bear is here. I care a LOT about you."
  • "Can I have one of your cuddly hugs?"
  • "I can hug you all day."
  • "I love you."
  • "Hug me if you love me."
  • "Wow! You are so huggable!"
  • "You are truly loveable."

Wish Bear[]

  • "I'm Wish Bear. I wish you were happy to play."
  • "I wish you would give me a hug."
  • "Let's play some more. You're fun to be with."
  • "I like when you hug me."
  • "Make a wish! I hope it comes true."
  • "Hug me if you wanna be friends."