Tenderheart Bear is one of the ten original Care Bears who first appeared as an illustration on American Greetings greeting cards in August 1982. Since then, he has appeared in nearly every incarnation of the series to date, including movies, books, and TV, and is generally thought of as the "face" of the entire franchise.

While he was relegated to side-character status in the Adventures in Care-a-Lot television series and movies, Tenderheart still remained a constant presence and was slightly re-designed to include a red backpack. In the Welcome to Care-a-Lot series he was one again in the forefront with his niece Wonderheart Bear before being sent to the background again in Care Bears: Unlock the Magic.


Tenderheart is identified by his light brown fur and red heart Belly badge. In the Nelvana series, he's a dark reddish-brown and in the 2003 movie, Tenderheart's fur is almost orange


Exemplifying the very best qualities of the Care Bears, Tenderheart is thought of the de facto leader of his fuzzy brethren, organizing their efforts to help spread love and care around the world, and keep their own home of Care-a-Lot in working shape. He is responsible for initiating new members into the Care Bear Family by bestowing their very own Belly Badges and has been directly involved in nearly every major event in their history. Kind, attentive, and (usually) level-headed, this cuddly commander will do everything he can to keep his compatriots in line and prove that "care" isn't just a four-letter word. He is a trustworthy leader and he invites children from Earth to Care-a-Lot for fun times or to get away from a problem they are having in their lives.

Original series

The Land Without Feelings

Tenderheart Bear makes his animated debut in the very first Care Bears 1983 television special. After a boy named Kevin runs away from home, he ends up in the gloomy Land Without Feelings ruled by Professor Coldheart, who turns him into a Green Creature Slave. It's up to the Tenderheart and the rest of the crew to defeat the mad professor and return the boy to normal. The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings

Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine

In the follow-up to the original TV special, Tenderheart is among the bears who must once again stop Coldheart and his new sidekick Frostbite from tricking a boy named Paul into helping him complete his "Careless Ray Contraption" that will freeze everyone's feelings. The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine

The Care Bears Movie

Tenderheart makes his first film appearance in the inaugural Care Bears theatrical movie, where he tries to stop a boy named Nicholas from falling under the spell of an enchanted book named The Spirit. When Nicholas begins to use the book's magic to make everyone in the world stop caring, it's up to Tenderheart and the rest to find a way to stop him while also searching for their lost friends, who became separated in a transporter accident. Traveling to the unknown Forest of Feelings, Tenderheart and his crew first encounter the Care Bear Cousins who help reunite them with the lost bears and two children named Kim and Jason.

Traveling to Earth with their new friends, the Care Bears and Cousins combine their effort and are able to stop Nicholas and seal away The Spirit for good. Tenderheart later formally inducts the Cousins into the Care Bear Family by giving them their own Tummy Symbols. The Care Bears Movie

Care Bears TV series

Tenderheart first appears in the Dic-produced Care Bears animated series by attending a birthday party for Birthday Bear, and later travels to Earth to help a boy named Matthew overcome his jealousy over the arrival of his new baby sister. Birthday He later makes several more trips, including helping a boy named Joey who is self-conscious about his new braces, Braces, assisting two girls named Kathy and Tricia in building their soapbox derby racer, Soap Box Derby, and convincing a girl named Patti that her father may not be able to make it to her school play, but he still loves her regardless. The Show Must Go On

He has his first series encounter with Professor Coldheart after the mad doctor uses his newest invention, the Magic Mirror, to reverse the Care Bear's personalities. In Tenderheart's case, he becomes cowardly and thinks only of himself. With the help of an uncharacteristically cheerful Grumpy Bear, however, they are able to return to their old selves. Magic Mirror Tenderheart would have numerous future run-ins with the pesky professor, including stopping him from stealing the warmth of kidnapped children, Runaway undo the damage caused when he rigged a children's contest and became mayor of a small town for a day, Mayor for a Day and preventing him from using an "Un-caring Ray" on the residents of an another town. Magic Shop

When Care-a-Lot was in danger of being gobbled up by a large Cloud Worm, Tenderheart was among the bears who had to try and convince him to leave before he ate them literally out of house and home. The Cloud Worm His last mission to Earth in this series occurred when he had to help a girl named Jill rescue two of her friends who become trapped in an old house that she tricked them into entering, and ends ups getting temporarily trapped himself before his friends can help them. The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Care Bears Movie II

Baby Tenderheart Bear

Tenderheart in the second film.

|The second Care Bear feature film tells the story of how the Care Bear Family, including Tenderheart first arrived in Care-a-Lot after they escaped capture by the evil Dark Heart. When the villain later propositions a girl named Christy into helping him finally capture his fuzzy prey once and for all, Tenderheart is among the few remaining members not to be imprisoned, and must formulate a plan along with two children named John and Dawn to rescue his friends. After arriving at Dark Heart's secret lair, they and Christy are able to free the others and convince Dark Heart to care himself, transforming him into a real boy. Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation

Care Bears Family TV series

Tenderheart makes his debut in Nelvana's Care Bears Family television series in the very first episode, where he and Brave Heart Lion plan Care-a-Lot's upcoming "birthday" celebration. However, when Baby Hugs and Tugs are kidnapped by Mr. Beastly, he and the rest of the bears must travel to No Heart's Castle to save them. Care-a-Lot's Birthday Later, when the Forest of Feelings becomes flooded thanks to Beastly's trickery, the Care Cousins are forced to move into Care-a-Lot, and the close quarters puts both groups at each other's throats, leaving Tenderheart to keep order while they think of a plan to solve the problem. Home Sweet Homeless

Tenderheart 2

Tenderheart with Hugs and Tugs from "The Sleeping Giant"

Tenderheart Bear 1987

During the annual Big Star Round-Up, where the Care Bears help drive a herd of Starbuddies to the Great Wishing Star, Tenderheart is among the crew who has to protect them not only from the harsh terrain but from Mr. Beastly. The Big Star Round-Up He is later one of the bears who discovers that there are in fact two long-lost Care Bear members who went missing years ago and have never been accounted for, Perfect and Polite Panda, only to find them in a hidden valley somewhere on Earth. Upon bringing them back to Care-a-Lot, Tenderheart trains them as true Care Bears, but they find that they just don't have the knack for it and return home just in time to save a village of humans from a snowstorm. The Long Lost Care Bears

Adventure in Wonderland

Tenderheart would later be the main one of the main characters in the third Care Bears feature film, Adventure in Wonderland. He and Lotsa Heart Elephant escort a girl named Alice to Wonderland Palace, and later help her pass her princess test by protecting her from the Wizard of Wonderland's henchman. The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland

Nutcracker Suite

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"Care Bears Care About the Environment" series


Tenderheart Bear's 1991 redesign, artwork and plush

Around 1991, Tenderheart Bear and several other Care Bears received temporary redesigns in both artwork and plush form in order to bring about environmental awareness. Despite appearing in several books and even stickers, this new line was relatively short-lived due to a lack of popularity and low sales.

Tenderheart Bear's appearance for this series featured him with reddish-orange fur with his usual heart tummy symbol updated to depict Starbuddies, Heartbuddies, and rainbows.

2000's series

Journey to Joke-a-Lot

Tenderheart makes his first appearance in the 2000's Care Bears series revival in the straight-to-video computer-animated film Care Bears Journey to Joke-a-Lot. Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot

Big Wish Movie

In the second CG Care Bears video, Tenderheart is among the residents of Care-a-Lot who welcome their new neighbors, Me Bear, Messy Bear, and Too Loud Bear to the community. They're wild antics begin to wear on the other Care Bear's patience, especially when they drive their buggy right over a picnic Tenderheart and others were having. Later in the film, when the new bears abuse the power of Wish Bear's wishing star Twinkers, their greed eventually becomes too severe and Care-a-Lot begins to fall apart at the seams. It's up to the Care Bears, including Tenderheart, to rebuild it in the aftermath. The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie

Oopsy Does It!

Tenderheart appears in the Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! film as one of the citizens of Care-a-Lot whose Belly Badge is stolen by Grizzle after he tricks Oopsy Bear into helping him. However, when Grizzle attempts to use the combined badges of all Care Bears to destroy Care-a-Lot, he finds that they won't respond to his commands because he simply "doesn't care". Though the orb containing the badges eventually gets destroyed, Tenderheart and the other Care Bears hold hands and are able to reclaim their powers by remembering how much they care. Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!

Adventures in Care-a-Lot

Tenderheart AIC

Tenderheart from "King of the Gobblebugs"

In Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot, Tenderheart's role is reduced to a recurring role (with his spot as leader taken over by Cheer Bear in this series) and his character was changed to be more of a daredevil.

Tenderheart's first real appearance in the Adventures in Care-a-Lot TV series occurs when he and Funshine Bear take a liking to thrill-seeking and constantly dare each other to do progressively more dangerous things, which leads to trouble. Dare Bears Later, he, Funshine, and Oopsy Bear join Bedtime Bear during one of his work shifts as night watch-bear, and have to help Baby Hugs and Tugs fall asleep. Night Shift

When a girl named McKenna visits Care-a-Lot, she proves to be a rather bad house guest and ends up wrecking the homes of both Tenderheart and Love-a-Lot Bear. As a result, both bears and Grumpy build her a home of her own to teach her how to respect one's property. Rudemate Later, he and Funshine have a falling out after the latter ends up breaking Tenderheart's pogo stick. When Grizzle uses his new mind-wipe ray to erase the memories of all Care Bears, Tenderheart and Funshine are the only two not affected, and must learn to put aside their differences to set things straight. Forget It

2010's series

Welcome to Care-a-Lot/Care Bears and Cousins

Care Bears - Welcome to Care-a-Lot S01E19 Welcome to Grump-a-Lot 1080i HDTV DD5 1 MPEG2-TrollHD ts snapshot 20 48 -2014 12 25 20 45 09-

Tenderheart in the episode "Welcome to Grump-a-Lot"


Tenderheart in Promotional Art.

Tenderheart's role as the leader of the Care Bears returns in Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot, and so is a main character again. In this series, he has a niece, Wonderheart Bear, who lives with him. The bears' need for his leadership is apparent in one episode where the rest of the gang invite a child to Care-a-Lot while Tenderheart is away and all manner of chaos ensues. When the Bear's Away Later, during preparations for the annual Great Giving Festival celebration, Tenderheart meets the Great Giving Bear himself, who gives him the gift of teleportation. However, when Tenderheart comes down with a case of the hiccups, he begins to poof about randomly around Care-a-Lot, putting the entire festival in jeopardy. Holiday Hics

In Care Bears and Cousins, long ago he sent the Cousins on a mission to collect care hearts. This is the only incarnation of the character to do so.

Care Bears: Unlock the Magic

Tenderheart reappears in Care Bears: Unlock the Magic as a recurring character, being one of the few Bears who remain in Care-A-Lot at Caring Control.

His character is very much like his previous incarnations. He is a kind, wise patriarch, former leader, and current anchor of the Care Bears' missions. He offers support to the main Care Bears while they travel through the Silver Lining.

Care Bears: The Care Quests

Tenderheart is a playable character in the 2005 Game Boy Advance video game Care Bears: The Care Quests in the minigame "I Will Look After You", where he must throw hearts at Starbuddies while riding a skateboard.


2002-2006: Tenderheart Bear is a loving and lovable bear who knows lots about helping others share their feelings. By helping people show they care, Tenderheart Bear helps spread love and make it grow. He wears the perfect symbol for his job on his tummy - a heart.

​​​ 2002 Website Profile:

Caring Mission: Shows people how to care.
Symbol: His heart symbol represents his famous loving care.
Personality: Caring and kind.
Character Quirk: He's a real daredevil in any vehicle from a skateboard to a cloudmobile.
Color: Brown.
Best Friend: Grumpy Bear
Relationship Challenge: Helping Funshine Bear know when it's the wrong time to joke.
Motto: Nobody cares like a bear!

20th Anniversary: Tenderheart Bear's job is to help people share their good feelings for each other. He's very affectionate and not afraid to display his affection openly. By helping people show they care, Tenderheart Bear helps spread love and make it grow. The Heart on Tenderheart Bear's tummy symbolizes his caring and devotion to spreading human love and well being.


Tenderheart MAD

"In brightest day, in blackest night, I'll hug ya 'til you feel alright!"

  • He performs a Yo-Chi or Yoga & Tai-Chi
  • Tenderheart has had the most credited voice actors of any Care Bear character, with six total.
  • In the original DiC television series, Tenderheart was frequently incorrectly drawn with two borders around his tummy symbol instead of one.
  • In direct contrast to No Heart who has a troublemaker niece, Tenderheart has a playful niece who is a Care Bear Cub.
  • According to Oopsy Bear in the Adventures in Care-a-Lot episode "Oopsy the Hero", Tenderheart is supposed to be a great soccer player, though this is never actually exhibited in any episode.
  • Tenderheart appears (pictured) in the 38th episode of Cartoon Network's Mad TV series, "Monkey Ball Z / The Green Care Bear", during a segment that parodies the 2011 film Green Lantern. He is seen training their new recruit, Hal Jordan, to help to take down Funshine Bear, who has apparently been corrupted by Parallax.
  • In the Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot series, he is the only main character whose feelings are never changed in "Feelings Flu".

In other languages:

Croatian: Drago (from the name Dragutin, "the lovely one")
Danish: Blidebjørn ("Gentle Bear")
Dutch: Hartebeertje ("Heart Bear")
Finnish: Helläsydän ("Tender Heart")
French: Grosbisou ("Big Kiss")
French (Canadian): Dounours
German: Schmusebärchi ("Cuddle Bear")
Hebrew: דוב לב טוב ("Good Heart Bear")
Italian: Tenerorso ("Tender Bear")
Japanese: テンダーハートベア (Tendāhāto Bea, "Tenderheart Bear")
Norwegian: Kosebamse ("Teddy Bear")
Polish: Miś Czułości ("Sensitive Bear")
Portuguese: Ternura ("Tenderness")
Spanish: Tiernosito ("Tender Bear")
Spanish (Arengtina): Corazón Tierno ("Tender Heart")
Spanish (Spain): Teneroso ("Tender Bear")
Swedish (Cartoon): Ädelhjärta ("Noble Heart")
Swedish (Comic): Hjärternalle ("Heart Bear")
Russian: Нежное Сердце ("Tenderheart Bear"), Добряк ('Someone who is very kind'; this name was used in the cartoon 'Journey to Joke-a-lot' and in the modern tv-series; it is the same as his Ukrainian name)


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