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The Care-A-Lot Games is the second part of the thirty-fifth episode of The Care Bears Family.


Brave Heart hosts a lighthearted look at a variety of children's games, with cheating duo Beastly and Shreeky competing as well, with the latter coaching the former.



No Heart Turnaround Model Sheet


  • The Care-A-Lot Games is a reference to the real world Olympic Games:
    • The event occurred in the Host City of Care-a-Lot
    • Hugs and Tugs carried a Starbuddy torch, ran around the stadium, and put it on the cauldron to start the game. This represents the Olympic Flame
    • Beastly appears in this episode as an Athlete.
    • The Award Ceremony by the end of the episode is similar to the real life equivalent.
    • The events are reference to Party games like: Pinata, Egg spoon race, Limbo, Sack race, Piggyback race.