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(The movie's main theme, Natalie Cole's "Rise and Shine", plays.)
(While waking up, Grumpy Bear approaches his bathroom mirror, where the White Rabbit is impatiently waiting; half-asleep, Grumpy Bear doesn't notice him at first.)
(While brushing his teeth, Grumpy Bear finally notices the White Rabbit.)
Grumpy Bear: Who are you?
Rabbit: No time for questions. (grabs Grumpy Bear by the legs and flies out)
Swift Heart Rabbit: Uncle! What brings you all the way from Wonderland?
Rabbit: Does anyone know the whereabouts of my niece? One Swift Heart Rabbit by name.
Rabbit: What brought me here? Well, she did! Her! (shows them a photo of the Princess of Wonderland) You and your friends must help me find this girl!
Brave Heart Lion: Or else what?
Rabbit: Or else an evil wizard will take over all of Wonderland, and everyone there will be forced to obey him.
Grumpy Bear: Oh. What about breakfast?
(The Care Bears search the whole world for the princess, encountering various people along the way.)
(The film cuts to a girl named Alice in her bedroom.)
Alice: What's the use? They're such special people, and I'm...I'm just me. Oh, Dinah. It doesn't matter what I do. I'm just not special.
Rabbit: (examining Alice) The resemblance is remarkable. But the rest, the clothes, the hair.
Grumpy Bear: You look just like the princess!
Alice: Princess?
Rabbit: Hmm, I'm not sure. I'm not sure she's special enough.
Alice: Well, I, I couldn't go alone.
Swift Heart: You don't have to, Alice.
Tenderheart: We're ready.
Good Luck Bear: And willing.
Brave Heart: And able.
(The Rabbit, Swift Heart and Grumpy Bear are shown walking in the woods.)
Grumpy Bear: How about looking for breakfast first?
(Grumpy Bear falls into a hole. Swift Heart and the Rabbit soon join him.)
(The three eventually land into Wonderland, where the other group, Alice and the other Care Bears, are at, too)
(The henchmen, Dim and Dum, confront the second group at a large checkerboard place.)
Alice: Who are you?
Dim: Eh, eh, uh, the, uh, palace...
Dum: Told us to, uh, to, uh, give a, uh...
Dim: The Queen! The Queen! The palace told us to give the Queen a lift to, uh, uh...
Dum: You!
Dim: No, no, no...
Both: What my brother means is...
(The Care Bears "stare" one of the robots down.)
(A rap beat is heard as the Cheshire Cat appears.)
Rabbit: (annoyed) The Cheshire Cat, who else?
Cheshire Cat: You know I see that princess in a lonely room / Where the wizard's got her locked away / Now he's one bad dude, he's in a nasty mood / And he wants to be the king someday.
Cheshire Cat: A few of you get Alice to the palace / And the rest, here's what to do.
Cheshire Cat: Now I can see the Mad Hatter, he's trying to help / He wants to set that princess free.
Grumpy Bear: Oh, I'm so hungry, I'm starting to see things.
(Grumpy Bear gets eaten by a live flower, and once the flower spits him out, Grumpy Bear now has a pirate hat on his head, causing him to act like one.)
Grumpy Bear: Avast, me hearties! 'Tis a fair wind, and clear sailing ahead!
Swift Heart: It must belong to the Mad Hatter. I'll bet he left it behind so we could follow him!
Brave Heart: So that's what the Cheshire Cat meant by "use our heads".
Alice: Mr. Rabbit, I was wondering, what exactly does a princess do?
(At his castle, the wizard confronts Alice.)
Wizard: I am the wizard of Wonderland.
Alice: Well, why don't you leave Wonderland alone?!
Wizard: Wonderland needs me.
Wizard: (singing) And I'm just the man for the job!
Wizard: (singing) Now, don't you ever wonder 'bout Wonderland, how everything is upside-down.
Wizard: (singing) The creatures are so crazy in their Wonderland, they don't know that it's turned around.
Wizard: Everything at my command...
Wizard: Do you think for a single moment that a silly, frightened, plain little girl like you could fool anyone into believing that you are a real princess?! [laughs]
Alice: No!!!
(Alice runs away and finds herself inside the throne of the Queen of Hearts.)
Queen: Tomorrow, she shall become queen of Wonderland!
(In her room, the Queen secretly converses with Alice, the Rabbit, and the Care Bears.)
Queen: The wizard has hidden my daughter somewhere to make certain she'll miss the coronation tomorrow. I'll have no choice but to pass my crown onto him.
Queen: I'd have him cast out of Wonderland this instant, but I have no proof.
Queen: With you standing in place of the princess, the wizard cannot be crowned king of Wonderland.
Alice: How difficult can drinking tea and playing croquet be?
(The film cuts suddenly to Alice riding a flamingo)
Flamingo: [speaking in an Australian accent] Hang on, little lady!
(Alice and the flamingo succeed in passing the flamingo course, delighting everyone except the wizard.)
Queen: Wonderful!
Tenderheart: You're doing great, Alice!
Alice: Thanks to my friendly flamingo!
Flamingo: I just happen to be the best in the business!
(We cut to the other group of Care Bears encountering the Mad Hatter at a cave.)
Mad Hatter: You like hats? I'm mad about hats!
(The Mad Hatter starts singing a song about how much he loves hats.)
Mad Hatter: Now a hat is a wonderful thing, you see. Every one's got its own personality. You just slip it on, and instantly, you can be anybody that you wanna be! You like hats?...
Mad Hatter: You like hats? I'm mad about hats!
(Everyone escapes as the Jabberwocky becomes stuck in the destroyed cave.)
Mad Hatter: Come on. Let's get outta here!
Good Luck Bear: But what about the Jabberwocky?
Swiftheart: He's got a thorn in his paw!
Princess: The poor creature. That explains why he's so miserable!
Jabberwocky: Thank you.
Grumpy Bear: Oh, you're very welcome, Mr. Ja-Jabber-Jabberwocky.
Jabberwocky: Call me Stan. It's much easier to say.
Alice: What's the princess test?
Queen: It's a test that only a true princess can pass.
(The rapping Cheshire Cat returns to give Alice some guidance.)
Cheshire Cat: Be brave, little Alice, believe in yourself / 'Cause here's the most important part. / While the others all remember to use their heads / You just remember to use your heart. / That's right. / Remember to use your heart. / Uh-huh.
(Cheshire Cat continues rapping.)
Cheshire Cat: You just remember to use your heart. / That's right. / Remember to use your heart. / Uh-huh. / I said, remember to use your heart. / That's right. / You remember...
(After successfully making it through the mountain, Alice gives the water to an injured unicorn.)
(Alice successfully makes the flowers bloom by simply touching the flowers with her fingertips.)
(Suddenly, Alice reveals herself, having switched places with the recently-arrived real princess during the test, stunning the wizard, who had just exposed his kidnapping plan to everyone.)
Alice: You're wrong. I'm the fake!
(The Care Bears are shown having arrived home.)
Brave Heart: Hey, where's Grumpy going?
Tenderheart: I've got a pretty good idea!
Tenderheart: Oh, Grumpy!
(As he's about to eat some food, Grumpy Bear suddenly starts rapping as the credits roll)
Grumpy Bear: (rapping) Now hold your tushie-tags, it's time I spoke, can't remember when I ate last. I've been starvin' since we started and that's no joke. Man, I was fading fast!
Grumpy: ...Where I'm filling up my belly with ice cream and jelly and topping it with pickled beets, mmm-mmmmmm!
Brave Heart: Pickled beets? (faints)
Grumpy: Uh-huh - topping it with pickled beets, oh, yeah!
Cheshire Cat: Yo, Grumpy Bear, I gotta hand it to you...
Cheshire Cat: ...princess and the Queen of Hearts and did right by my man, Stan! You put the Wizard in his place, now everything's safe - everything in Wonderland.
Cheshire Cat: ...I can't wait to eat, uh-huh, with the Care Bear family, that's right...
Brave Heart: Pickled beets? Oooh! (faints)