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The Care Bears Adventures in Care-a-Lot is the first Care Bears album. Follow the 10 lovable Care Bears in their very own stories and songs.

The album was released in 1983. In the United States, it was released on Kid Stuff Records.

Album Background[]

The album was produced by Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan and John Hoier. It features artists such as Anita Ferry, Monica Lauren and Christina Applegate.


Just imagine a magical day in the far-away land of Care-A-Lot. A land of fluffy floating stars and cotton candy clouds, where the 10 lovable Care Bears roll and tumble the days away. And today is special! There's a meeting at the Hall of Hearts and an unhappy little boy needs the Care Bears' help. They take him to their magical land and show him that we all count on each other! Then, the celebration really begins and everyone has the best party ever!

Track listing[]


  1. We're the Care Bears
  2. Care-A-Lot
  3. Hall of Hearts
  4. I Feel So Alone


  1. Make A Wish
  2. The Birthday Song
  3. We All Count on Each Other
  4. We're the Care Bears (Reprise)