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The Care Bears Off to See the World is the third Care Bears album. Follow the 10 lovable Care Bears as they make new friends in far-a-way lands.

The album was released in 1983. In the United States, it was released on Kid Stuff Records.

Album Background[]

The album was produced by Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan and John Hoier. It featured an artist such as Anita Ferry.


Your ten fuzzy, furry friends from the magical land of Care-A-Lot are off on an incredible journey around the world meeting all their friends in faraway lands. You're invited too and you don't even have to leave home to come along. Let the Care Bears be your guides and, before you know it, you too will be "Off To See The World!"

Track listing[]


  1. Off To See The World
  2. Happy Switzerland
  3. Floating In Hawaii
  4. Here In Russia (Not In Prussia)
  5. Somos los Care Bears


  1. Ouí, Ooo la la, The Care Bears
  2. Ahh, Japan
  3. Arm in Arm in Greece
  4. Sunny Africa
  5. A Bear Can Be Cared For in Scotland
  6. Off To See The World (reprise)