The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings is a television special and the first animated appearance of the Care Bears.

Atkinson Film Arts made the first two Care Bear TV specials in 1983.  They were later released to home video by Family Home Entertainment, now owned by Lions Gate Films, and formerly a division of MCA/Universal.  These shows have recently been re-released on DVD, and were being distributed only with the purchase of select special edition plush toys.
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A girl named Donna is feeling a little lonely. The Care Bears are sent on a mission to help people like her express and share their feelings. They must also save a boy named Kevin from the evil Professor Coldheart.


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  • "The Care Bears: The Land Without Feelings"
  • A MAD Production
  • Executive Producers: Bernard Loomis, Carole MacGillvray
  • Producers: W. H. Stevens Jr, Hugh Campbell
  • Writer: Ken Sobol
  • Songs by: Robert Chimbel, Merry Loomis
  • Score Composed by: Hagod Hardy
  • Directed by: Pino van Lamsweerde
  • Producers: W. H. Stevens Jr, Hugh Campbell
  • Director: Pino van Lamsweerde
  • Additional Music Composed and Orchestrations by: Rob Walsh, Don McGinnis
  • Music Produced by: Screenmusic West
  • Music Editors: Joe Siracusa, Eugene Marks
  • Musicians: Tom Boyd: Oboe Soloist, Ethmer Roten: Flute, Alan Kaplan: Trombone, Tommy Morgan: Harmonica
  • Layout: Sue Butterworth
  • Backgrounds: Michel Guerin, Barry Atkinson, Gordon Coulthart
  • Storyboard: Pino Van Lamsweerde, Ken Stephenson
  • Production Manager: Lesley Harris
  • Voices: Anna MacCormack, Rick Jones, Abby Hagyard, Les Lye, Justin Cammy, Andrea Blake, Kathy MacLellan, John Tarzwell
  • Voice Director: Chuck Rubin
  • Editors: Gerald Tripp, Jennifer Irwin, Norman LeBlanc
  • Animation Layout: Sebastian Grunstra
  • Animation: Dan Craig, Doug Crane, Chris Delaney, Ray daSilva, Scott Fiander, Ian Freedman, Kathy Harker, Jim Hiltz, Drew Mandigo, Bill Perkins, Steve Rabatich, Shivan Ramsaran, Norm Roen, Chris Schouten, Marc Sevier, Dave Smith, Ken Stephenson, Keith Van Allen, Helen Wenzelbach, Glenn Wright
  • Assistants: Mik Casey, Jim Cleland, Patrick Connolly, Drew Edwards, Gloria Hsu, Mary Lynn Morris, Rick Morrison, Wendy Van Essen, John Williamson, Don Wong
  • Opaquing Supervision: Flo Bach, Lise Gravel, Nancy White, George Melo
  • Opaquing: Dave Mepham, Lisa Oglesby, Daniel Barnaby, Ann Mullens, André St. Amour, Clayton Jacobs, George Tierney, Heather Wilcox, Roger Casselman, Tim Timberg, Dave Sheridan, Daniel Parent, Dwight MacPherson, Martin Butler, Vera Herring, Jayne Robbins, Gary Smith, Bill Swenson, Thomas Keaney, Philippe Frankowski, Karen Shingles, Ron Cadieux, Craig Wilson, Jacques Meilleux, Elaine Long, Louise Germain, Kelley Cloer, Paul Richer
  • Special Effects: Sandy McFadden, Lee Cadieux
  • Xerox Supervision: Weldon Poapst, Robert Turley, Geoffrey Heaton
  • Xerography: Jacqueline Rook, John Duggan, Jeff Middleton, Gord De-Roos, Jane Martin, Paul Nadeau, Chris Watchorn
  • Checking: Ron Black
  • Production Co-ordinators: Doug Williams, Ulrich Blazejewski
  • Production Assistant: François St. Amour
  • Re-recording: Crawley Films Ltd., Bob Leclair, Shalini Kelly
  • Camera: Haines-Camron Inc. · Ron Haines, Jan Topper
  • Produced by: Atkinson Film-Arts
  • "Care Bears" is a trademark of American Greetings Corporation
  • "Care Bears" Copyright © American Greetings Corporation MCMLXXXIII All rights reserved

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