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The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings is a television special and the first animated appearance of the Care Bears.

Atkinson Film Arts made the first two Care Bear TV specials in 1983. They were later released to home video by Family Home Entertainment, now owned by Lions Gate Films, and formerly a division of MCA/Universal.  These shows have recently been re-released on DVD, and were being distributed only with the purchase of select special edition plush toys.


When the Care Bears hear Donna and Kevin fighting, they make a trip down to Earth from Care-a-Lot to help them feel better about the situation.


On Earth, Donna and Kevin are having an argument about Kevin refusing to go with his parents, as they are moving out of town.

Up in Care-a-Lot, the Cloudkeeper introduces the viewers to the Care Bears and explains that tonight they will be giving out the Bear of the Month award to the bear that cares the most, and then the bears sing about it in the song, "Care Bears Care About You".

The Care Bears hear Kevin and Donna from Care-a-Lot, and Friend Bear and Tenderheart Bear drive down in a Cloudmobile to try and help them both feel better about the situation.

Kevin doesn't want to feel better about it though, and exclaims that he doesn't want friends anymore and that it's better not to have any, but Donna tells him not to say that, but he refuse to listen and left. Tenderheart realizes that the situation is much worse than he originally thought, and he takes the cloudmobile back to Care-a-Lot with Friend Bear, leaving Donna worry

Once they arrive back in Care-a-Lot, Tenderheart calls a meeting in the Hall of Hearts. They discuss the issue and decide that they would all go to Earth to convince Kevin that they care, to show him how many friends he has. Once they all arrive, Donna explains that Kevin has already run away. The bears fight about who should go to find him before realizing that they should all start looking.

Kevin has already wandered far away from his neighborhood, and finds himself at the gates of a strange park. The fountain is splashing the flowers, and Kevin, who isn't watching where is is going, gets splashed too. The fountain apologizes, and asks what he is doing there. Kevin tells the fountain that he is running away. The fountain suggests that he shouldn't enter the park gates. Kevin tells the fountain that he doesn't care. The fountain tells him that she doesn't either, but that if she did, she'd turn right around. Kevin tells her that he doesn't care again, before walking through the gates. They slam behind him.

Kevin is so busy talking to himself about how nothing matters to him that he doesn't notice that he has walked through the entire park and into a strange land. He also doesn't notice the strange castle in the distance, known as Cold Heart Castle.

Inside the castle, we see Professor Coldheart. When he hears Kevin's cries he appears overjoyed, and he jumps up from his throne and across to a balcony with a telescope that he looks through intently, until he spots Kevin. Upon spotting him, he exclaims, "A new guest! I must welcome him," before calling for his chariot, which his slaves bring to him, and catch a ride on the back of.

Kevin is sitting on a tree stump when Professor Coldheart pulls up next to him and asks him if he is the boy who doesn't care. When Kevin says yes, Coldheart tells him that he has come to the right place and that nobody cares about anything here. He turns to his slaves and asks for their approval. Kevin asks Coldheart who they are, and Coldheart tells him that the slaves could be his friends, but that he doesn't care about them. Kevin asks who Professor Coldheart is, and he sings the song "Professor Coldheart". it is also during this performance that he reveals he has the power to create ice sculptures and to freeze people, as well as their cares. The professor then invites Kevin to his castle, telling him that he won't have a care in the world. Before Kevin can tell him how much he doesn't care, Coldheart cuts him off by tearing away with him in the chariot.

By this time, Donna and the Care Bears have found the park gates and are calling Kevin's name. All the noise wakes up the fountain, who sprays them all with water before asking them what they're doing. Donna asks her if she has seen Kevin, and she describes Kevin as "A grouchy little squirt in blue pants and a t-shirt who doesn't care about anything", gesturing towards the abandoned park gates. The Care Bears head into the park with Donna.

The bears are horrified by the poor condition of the park, and ask the trees, rocks and flowers if they had seen a little boy. They all replied no and they don't like little boys. Tenderheart wonders aloud where they are anyway, and Donna tells them of a story she had heard about a beautiful place that was turned cold and ugly by a mean man. It was called the Land Without Feelings. Tenderheart agrees that that's where they are, before asking the others if they have any ideas.

Bedtime Bear climbs into a tree and suggests taking a nap, before breaking a branch and falling out of the tree. The tree is upset, and Cheer Bear tells him to cheer up and that he'll grow a new one next year, and Tenderheart attempts to show empathy to him, before the two bears break into the song, "Everyone Has Feelings" much to the tree's chagrin. The song is about how everyone has feelings and how to find them. This starts to make the tree cry. The rocks start to smile at each other as the bears pick up the rubbish that surrounded them, and the flowers notice that they have started to bloom.

After the song, Donna asks about Kevin, and the tree tells her that he's been taken to Cold Heart Castle by Professor Coldheart. The scene suddenly cuts to the Professor asking Kevin if he's thirsty, and Coldheart gives him something that is fizzing so much that there are bubbles spilling over the edge of the glass. Kevin tries to politely decline, but he relents and drinks the liquid. Coldheart asks if he feels anything, and he doesn't until his shoe pops off his foot to reveal tar black skin, the same as the rest of Coldheart's slaves. Kevin asks what is happening, and Coldheart bellows "Quiet, slave!" as he is transformed.

The tree finishes telling the Care Bears and Donna that once a person goes into Cold Heart Castle, they are never seen or heard from again. The bears asks how they can get there, and the tree tells them that there is a path they can take, but that it is really dangerous and that they must care a lot to take it. Tenderheart instructs Donna to stay behind with Wish and Grumpy bear to keep her safe. Donna mentions that she hopes Professor Coldheart won't know that they're coming. Bears remaining are Cheer, Funshine, Good Luck, Bedtime, Tenderheart, Friend, Birthday and Love a Lot.

Professor Coldheart is looking out of his telescope and spots the brightly coloured bears against the bleak landscape immediately. He is confused by their presence at first, and then vows to take care of them, before unveiling a machine. The bears are faced with a challenge; getting across a river. Tenderheart uses his Belly Badge to produce a heart, before taking it and throwing it like a skipping stone. Every time it touches the water, it is duplicated until there is a clear path across the river. Friend bear starts hopping across the hearts, but Coldheart sees her coming. He calls for one of his slaves and they pull a lever on the machine, which takes off the top of one of the turrets on the castle. Out of it, a fan emerges, which blows the hearts away, making the bears fall into the water. The fan keeps blowing, freezing the ice over. The bears who are stuck in the ice tell the others to go on without them. Bedtime, Friend, Funshine, Tenderheart and Cheer are remaining, meaning that Goodluck, birthday and love a lot are stuck in the ice.

They come to the edge of a cliff and need to find a safe way to the bottom. On the way to the cliff, Bedtime bear feel asleep. Cheer Bear reaches into her Belly badge and pulls out a rainbow, throwing it down to the bottom of the cliff, which forms a rainbow for the remaining bears to slide down on. Tenderheart slides down unharmed. Professor Coldheart spots them once again and uses a bright light to stop the rainbow from reaching the ground, just after friend bear makes it down safely.

Cheer and Funshine make it halfway down the cliffside, and they tell the other two bears to keep going. Tenderheart and Friend Bear are faced with another obstacle, this time, a vast swamp. Tenderheart once again produces a heart with his Belly badge, which turns into a heart shaped balloon. He holds onto the string and grabs hold of Friend bear's arm and they start to float across together. Professor Coldheart sees this also and presses a button on the machine, which throws a dart at the balloon, popping it. Friend bear is stuck in the swamp, but Tenderheart grabbed onto a tree branch on the way down and saved himself. Tenderheart tells Friend bear not to worry, and that he'll save them all.

He keeps going until he reaches the bottom of the giant cliff face that Cold Heart Castle is perched on top of. With no easy way up, Professor Coldheart assumes that Tenderheart will give up. To his surprise, he sees Tenderheart scaling the cliff, using heart shaped picks to climb his way up. However, he has another plan to thwart the bear's attempts of rescue, and pushes a button on the machine that opens a hidden door in the cliff face where Tenderheart was, shutting him in to the side of it. Upon seeing that his device worked, Professor Coldheart rejoices, jumping up and down and exclaiming, "So much for love, friendship and fuzzy wuzzies!"

Back in the park, Donna is still waiting with Grumpy and Wish bear, who are worried about the others. Wish bear tells the others they should make a wish. Grumpy is dubious about this working, but in a moment, all the bears and Donna are transported into the castle. When the Professor asks them how they got there, Tenderheart deflects the question and asks where Kevin is. Coldheart pretends not to remember who Kevin is for dramatic effect, and then gestures to one of the slaves standing by his throne, who steps forward. Tenderheart and Donna demand that Coldheart changes him back to how he was, but the Professor insists that it would be impossible. The bears huddle up and start planning how to turn him back themselves, as Donna hesitantly approaches Kevin and reassures him that they'll think of something. Suddenly, Tenderheart realizes that they all have to care together. The others know what he's talking about, and announce that they are going to use a Care Bear Stare.

Professor Coldheart looks worried about this, and Tenderheart tells him that he needs to be taught a lesson. The bears all line up and scrunch up their faces and clench their fists, as if trying to care really hard. Donna takes a step away from Kevin. once Tenderheart issues the command to stare there (as he points at Kevin), one by one, the bears activate their Care Bear Stare, shooting an array of lights at him until he returns to normal. They stare sp hard that the beam bounces off the walls, turning all the other slaves back to their normal human selves. Coldheart is shocked and horrified at the beam, and he attempts to swat it away when it gets too close to him. Donna tells Kevin how happy she is that "it's you again" and he agrees, and they kiss. The other children thank the bears for freeing them, and the Professor realizes that he needs to make a hasty exit from the castle. He declares that the bears have won for now, but that they haven't heard the last from him. He jumps into his chariot and speeds off into the distant park, where he crashes into a tree that he falls out of, trips over a rock, and then falls into a rosebush. He is thrown through the park by the trees and is heard wailing in pain.

The Cloudkeeper explains that everything worked out in the end. Kevin's parents promised him that they would come back to visit everyone soon, and that Donna could visit whenever she liked. The Care Bears are seen flying off to Care-a-Lot in their cloudmobiles, with Bedtime in tow, asleep on a stray cloud. The bears couldn't decide who should win the award, so they decided to share it.


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The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings: Original Soundtrack was composed by Robert Chimbel and performed by Merry Loomis.


This is based on the book Caring Is What Counts.




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