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The Fabulous Care Bear's Safety Game is the first part of the forty-fifth episode of The Care Bears Family.


The Game is all about people's safety, inside or outside the house.


The Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins are putting on a game show focusing on educating children about how to practice safety in a variety of settings. Grumpy Bear ('Mr. Safety Himself') appears as the host and tries to introduce the game and call down the contestants, but is repeatedly interrupted and upstaged by his announcer, Brave Heart Lion, much to his chagrin. Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs are selected as contestants, but, much to everyone's confusion, so is Beastly, who jumps out of the bowl of entrance slips that Treat Heart Pig, the lovely assistant, has brought up to the podium. Grumpy sarcastically asks Beastly how he could possibly know anything about safety. Beastly confidently proclaims that he practically invented the stuff, but then sheepishly asks what 'safety' means. Grumpy in frustration tells Beastly that safety means playing and acting in a way that doesn't hurt him or anyone else. Undeterred, Beastly eagerly challenges Grumpy to begin the game.

On the first question, which asks the contestants to identify the meaning of a skull and crossbones symbol on a bottle of bleach, Beastly buzzes in first, but answers incorrectly that the symbol means that "it was made by pirates". Hugs correctly answers that the symbol means that the bleach is poisonous and could cause illness or even death, and should not be touched or ingested. On the next question, Grumpy asks what someone should do if their clothing catches fire. Beastly again gives an incorrect answer "run and scream!" which would only make the fire burn faster. Hugs and Tugs also answer incorrectly as their ideas of calling the fire department or filling the bathtub with cold water would take too long. Grumpy indicates that the best thing to do in this situation is lie down and roll to extinguish the flames. On the next question, Grumpy asks what someone should do if the ball they're playing with bounces into the street. Desperate for a correct answer, Beastly responds "lie down and roll?" which is incorrect as it wouldn't help get the ball back. Tugs correctly responds that you should ask an adult to get it for you. Grumpy congratulates Tugs before Braveheart rudely crashes two cymbals near his ears, signaling the end of round one. Brave Heart announces that at the end of the round, Hugs and Tugs are tied at 1 point, while Beastly is still scoreless, to which he replies he's 'pacing himself'.

Next, Grumpy, Brave Heart and Treat Heart introduce the first Care Bears Safety Challenge of the game. The object is to identify as many dangerous items in the studio kitchen as possible. Tugs identifies the stove (which could cause burns) and kitchen knives (which children could cut themselves on). Hugs identifies bleach and other chemicals under the sink (which grumpy admits should be kept in a safer place), and electrical kitchen appliances (though she does not explain why they are dangerous). Grumpy then checks on Beastly, who claims he's found "the most dangerous things on the face of the planet": Brussels Sprouts. Grumpy corrects Beastly that they aren't dangerous and, in fact, are very nutritious and good for you. Beastly vehemently disagrees ("have you ever tasted these things?").

As round two begins, Hugs and Tugs have each earned two more points from the safety challenge, leaving them tied at 3 while Beastly is still "lagging behind somewhat". On the first question of the round, Grumpy asks what someone should do when a stranger offers them a ride home. Beastly's answer of asking the stranger to take them to the circus instead is quickly shot down while Hugs and Tugs each earn a point for indicating that the right thing to do is to say 'no', stay away from the car, and tell your parents or teacher about what happened. The final question of the game asks what someone should do if a stranger offers them gifts, candy or money. Beastly again incorrectly answers "Take the money!" while Hugs and Tugs again earn a point for saying that you should never take anything from a stranger and tell your parents about what happened. Braveheart then blows a tuba into Grumpy's ear, signaling the end of round two.

The final challenge of the game is the "Fabulous Staircase Challenge". The challenge is to walk up the staircase to a bookshelf, get a book and bring it back down. As the contestants begin, Grumpy reminds them that they will be judged on safety. After giving the signal to start, the camera cuts to the audience cheering until a loud crash is heard. Beastly is lying in a heap of books at the bottom of the stairs proclaiming that he 'won' as Hugs and Tugs look on in confusion. The replay shows that Hugs and Tugs walked up the staircase instead of running, held onto the railing, took only the books they could safely carry, and came back down safely, earning them each 5 points. Beastly, on the other hand, ran up the stairs, grabbed an armful of too many books, slid down the bannister, badly crash landed at the bottom. He loses 25 points for his misdeeds, leaving him at zero points still, but he wonders how many points he got for beating Hugs and Tugs to the bottom. Grumpy reminds Beastly that that fact doesn't matter because it was a 'Safety Challenge', not a race. Upon hearing this, Beastly pounds on his podium in frustration, inadvertently causing his score counter to rise from 0 to 425. This gives him an idea and he continues to pound on his podium, raising his score further without anyone noticing. When the final scores are tallied, even Brave Heart can't believe it when Beastly wins with a score of 51,675 to Hugs' 10 and Tugs' 11.

An exasperated Grumpy tells Brave Heart to give Beastly his prizes for winning. Beastly receives a reflective safety vest and stop sign, confusing him. When he asks Braveheart what he's supposed to do with them, Braveheart replies that he'll need them when he begins his new job tomorrow morning as Care-A-Lot's crossing guard. Grumpy, Hugs and Tugs congratulate a shocked and dismayed beastly, and Hugs suggests Beastly dress warmly, as it's supposed to snow in Care-A-Lot tomorrow. This pushes Beastly over the edge and he breaks down and cries, lamenting that he does not want to be a crossing guard.



  1. Baby Tugs (Dressed as a cowboy)
  2. Baby Hugs (Dressed as a native american)
  3. Beastly (Dressed as a wild asparagus)






  • No-Heart also makes a cameo appearance in round two as the 'stranger' who offers Tugs a ride home and Tugs a gift.


  • This episode references many popular television game shows of the time of the episode's airing: The contestants' and audience's dressing up in costume for the game is a reference to Let's Make a Deal, while Brave Heart's call for the contestants to "Come on down!" is a reference to The Price is Right. Treat Heart's appearance as the 'lovely assistant' may be a reference to Vanna White of Wheel of Fortune fame, or the studio assistants of The Price is Right. The on-screen captions of "You" "Safety" and "Big Prizes" may be a reference to Family Feud.
  • This is the second and final time that Beastly gives a shout-out to No-Heart that he's on TV.
  • This episode reveals that, despite being babies, Hugs and Tugs both attend Care-A-Lot Elementary School.
  • Grumpy announces that Hugs and Tugs are tied at 3 points going into round two. However, when Tugs answers the first question, he mysteriously has 4 points and remains ahead of Hugs the rest of the game, beating her by one point.


Grumpy: Here's our first question: What does it mean when you see this symbol on a box or bottle?

Beastly: Oh, I know that one! It means it was made by pirates! (buzzer sounds) WAHH!

Grumpy: Sorry Beastly, that's not the answer we're looking for. Hugs, what do you think it means?

Hugs: It means its poison, and you shouldn't touch it, or drink it!

Grumpy: You're right hugs, this does mean poison. It could make you very sick, or even kill you.

Beastly: (annoyed) Semantics...


Beastly: Hey No-Heart! It's ME! I'm on TV!