Mr. Fettucini (better known as The Great Fettucini) was the magician that Nicholas worked for as a child.


He is a large, heavy set man with a large mustache, and hair on the sides of his head. He wears a blue tuxedo.

Fettucini is easily irritated, though he can be understanding when it comes to his apprentice Nicholas, for which he has somewhat of a soft spot for.


The Care Bears Movie

At the beginning of the movie, Fettucini scolds Nicholas for dropping a trunk he bought, insisting that he sort through it to find anything left that can be of use for his show. Nicholas unwittingly discovers a book inside and, under the guidance of the entity inside the book, The Spirit, and unknowingly casts a sleeping spell on him.

At the movie's finale, he wakes up from a dream about him and Nicholas performing together, and decides to include Nicholas in his show, even allowing Nicholas's name to be first in the title of the act.

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