True Heart Bear: Lotsa Heart is the winner by a trunk.

Beastly: No, I won fair and square!

Swift Heart, Friend Bear, Funshine Bear, and Cheer Bear: Fair and Square?! Ha! Beastly, you cheated!

(The other Care Bears gasp and glare at Beastly)

Beastly: Hey, who are you gonna believe? Them or me?

(The Care Bears March toward Beastly frowning at him)

Beastly: Well heh heh, Listen uh this has been fun but I gotta run! (Beastly runs away very fast) No Heart, help!

Losta Heart: If only Beastly rain that fast in the race, he would’ve beat us both hands down.

(everyone laughs)

Beastly: Oh, what am I going to do? I can’t tell No Heart I lost the race. He’ll clobber me. I know! I’ll tell him I couldn’t be king because the crowd was at the cleaners! Heh, heh. Nah, that’ll never work.

No Heart: Beastly!

Beastly: You called, No Heart?

No Heart: Come closer, I have something for you.

Beastly: You mean you're not mad at me?

No Heart: You did your best, Beastly and even though your best wasn't good enough, I would like to present you with this.

Beastly: A present? For me? Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! What is it? What is it? (takes the sheet off revealing a treadmill) It looks great and just my size too! It's something I've always wanted! Yeah! What is it?

No Heart: (picks Beastly up) A guaranteed! (puts Beastly on the treadmill) And next time you will be the winner of the race!

Beastly: Huh?

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