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The Green-Eyed Monster is the second issue of the Care Bears Comic.


The Care Bears are watching the Tournament of Posies when Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs go missing! It's right about then that something strange begins to happen to their favourite contestant of the Tournament as well...


After Adora is crowned the Princess of the Parade, the Green-Eyed Monster (disguised as a little girl) uses her Green Stare to make the other flower girls on their float jealous of Adora. This causes the two girls start saying mean things to her. The monster leaves the float and starts zapping everyone at the parade with her Green Stare, including the judge panel and the emcee. As everyone starts to yell mean things at Adora, she starts to cry.

Once the Care Bears have broken into the Monster's house, Adora walks in behind Grams Bear and gives Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs a hug. The Monster makes a break for it and flies off on her broom, proclaiming that nothing will stop her fromusing her Green Stare all across the world. Adora points out that she must be very unhappy to be doing this, and that maybe nobody has ever loved her before!


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  • When the bears tell the cousins that they want to save Baby Hugs and Baby tugs, Lotsa Heart refers to them as "Mugs and Lugs". Brave Heart tells them that this is because of his poor memory.