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The Plot to Steal Summer is the first issue of the Care Bears Comic.


The Care Bears are admiring the good summer weather on Earth from Care-a-Lot when it suddenly makes a change for the icy.


Tenderheart, Funshine and a skeptical Grumpy are admiring the weather on Earth from a cloud in Care-a-Lot by watching a boy and a girl build a sandcastle. That is, until it gets so cold that ice cubes start flying out of their telescope! Dick and Jane run to a tree for cover, while the hailstones get bigger and bigger.

In Care-a-Lot, the Care Bears' telescope has become completely frozen! Funshine melts the ice with a super warm "Funshine Hug". Funshine announces to the rest of the bears that there is trouble down below and that it must be investigated.

Meanwhile, our antagonist carries out his scheme from the Glump Dump. Our villain, of course, is the dastardly Glump himself! As he spies on the beach below him, watching gleefully as Dick and Jane run for shelter, he compliments his accomplice, Haywood the Hailstone Hare. Glump is very pleased with the execution of the first step of his plan to drive everyone away from the beach. He instructs Haywood to continue blasting the beach with his Hailstone machine, to which Haywood willingly obliges, proclaiming that he is a "big bad rabbit with a big bad habit"! After he ensures the machine is working at it's full capacity, he asks Glump why he wants to make it hail at this particular time of year. Glump tells him that the answer is simple. He wants to make it hail because this is the first step in his plan to steal summer! Haywood seems a little bit threatened by this, and asks him why he would do such a terrible thing. Glump tells him that it's better not to know what a cold and miserable person he is, and that such a person wants the whole world to be cold and miserable. Haywood plugs his ears with his fingers and insists that he doesn't know it, before Glump orders him to pour on the hail, which further terrifies Haywood.

Back down at the beach, Jane points out that hailstones have formed, and Dick tells her how frightening it all is. Grumpy, Funshine and Tenderheart are seen driving a cloudmobile out of Care-a-Lot and reassuring the other bears that they can handle the weather, much to Grumpy's dismay. Because he left his umbrella open, when the cloudmobile takes a sharp turn, Grumpy tumbles out! Tenderheart tells him to shut the umbrella, but when he does, he misses the cloudcar and takes a nosedive towards the ground! Just as Grumpy is about to hit the ground, Tenderheart scoops him up in the cloudmobile just in time! Funshine points out that they certainly made it down to Earth quickly, and Tenderheart says that it's all thanks to Grumpy. Unbothered by this near death incident, Grumpy smoothly accepts the compliment. Tenderheart also mentions that it's also thanks to Grumpy that they have the umbrella to keep them safe, but Grumpy tells him not to mention that either because the hailstones are ripping right through it! The bears scurry up to the same tree that Dick and Jane are sitting underneath for shelter.

The bears each introduce themselves, and Dick and Jane introduce themselves and their problem with the hailstones. Jane points out that the hailstorm appears to have stopped and that it's nice again. She also points out that other people are making their way back to the beach. While the children run back to their sandcastle, Tenderheart compliments Funshine on his sunny disposition. Grumpy reopens his now holey umbrella and tells the group that he's not taking any chances, especially since there is always the possiblity of sunshowers. The other bears do their best to encourage him to enjoy the sun while it lasts, but Grumpy remains stubborn, and mentions that he can feel it in his bones that something is rotten is going to come along.

Back up at the Glump Dump, GLump is throwing a hissy fit at Haywood. Haywood's hailstone machine ran out of ice, and it'll take it an hour to make any more. Glump insists that it's all his fault that this happened and that he hasn't the time or heart to wait. He proclaims that it's time he stopped being Mr. Nice Guy and opens a door that leads to the basement, letting out Beezy, the Sleazy Freezy Dragon. Glump asks if he is feeling in shape, and to test his ice making abilities, Beezy blows out a cold breath, creating letter ice blocks that spell out, ONE TWO. Beezy's in shape all right, cool. Real cool! Glump orders Beezy up on to the roof to do his thing, and Beezy enthusiastically complies.

Moments later, an icy storm with all the terrible power of winter blasts towards that unsuspecting summery world below! Back down on the beach, the bears notice that it's getting cold again, and that even the sand is freezing. Glump congratulates Beezy on his good bad work. He screeches with glee and proclaims that "Other people's misery makes me SO happy!!", before calling on Slush Monkey to report immediately. The monkey bounds down the stairs, banana in hand, ready to carry out Glump's orders. To make sure that no one ever sees summer again, Glump tells Slush to get down to the beach, so he hops down the mountain to get there. He spreads slush with every step that he takes. The Bears are getting more concerned as some gnarly storm clouds cover the sun.

Sure enough, shortly after this observation, a blizzard hits the beach. Dick and Jane start to theorise that someone must have stolen summer, but their mother calls them into their house so that they don't catch a cold. As the children race up the beach into the house, Tenderheart suggests that they return to Care-a-Lot and hold a special Care Bear meeting about where summer went.

The meeting consists of the ten bears trying to decide who is the best fit to solve the Earth's sudden snowy situation. Good Luck persuades the others that he will be lucky enough to find summer, and Funshine says that he will shine all over the culprits and melt their cold hearts! With that, the two brave bears set off back to Earth in their cloudmobile. It's a bit tricky getting down there though, as the Earth has become entirely covered in thick storm clouds, so the Bears can't even tell where the storm is coming from! Luckily, Good Luck gets a lucky hunch and chooses to drive right underneath a cloud bank. They pop out right in front of Glump Dump, where they can easily see where the wintry weather is coming from!

Glump spots the Bears immediately with his telescope. "Those guys are never up to any bad!" Glump clambers on top of the roof and points the Bears out to Beezy, who redirects his icy breath to focus on the fuzzy intruders. Glump rushes back downstairs to tell Haywood, whose ice machine is ready to go again. The power of the ice machine and the icy breath of the dragon combined begin to blast the cloudmobile, blowing it into pieces! Funshine and Good Luck escape by using their Belly badges to make Care balloons, which will use the wind to blow them back to Care-a-Lot.

Once they arrive and they tell the other bears what happened, they aren't sure of what to do, until Cheer Bear points out that Glump's goal is to make everyone miserable by stealing summer, and that his plans would be ruined if they all became as cheerful as possible and just pretend that it is winter! The Care Bears hold another meeting, where Cheer presents her idea to the whole group. The Bears all agree and run to get some cold weather clothes. Once they've gathered everything they need, they take a sledmobile down to Earth.

Dick and Jane are happily reading inside, when there's a knock on the door. Who else could it be but the Bears themselves! They invite the children out to play winter sports with them, as long as they dress warm! And so, though the Glump has stolen Summer, the Care Bears quickly show the children how much fun winter can be, even when it's in summer! Cheer shouts, "If we can't build a sandcastle, we'll build a snowcastle!". Everyone makes a point to thank Glump for the winter chill, "Without him, we'd never have this ski-slope!" exclaims Dick. "How nice of him to freeze this puddle into a skating rink!" cheers Funshine.

Old Glump could see them from his dump with his telescope! He is utterly furious! Despite all of the work he's put in to steal summer, everyone is still having fun! He screeches at Haywood, Beezy and Slush to report to him this minute! While Glump berates them all for failing him, even though they each did what he asked them to, they all take a peek at the beach through his telescope and notice how much fun everyone is having with the ice and snow and slush they've each created. When Glump asks them all what they have to say for themselves, it's that they wish they were down there having as much fun as everyone else! Glump fires them on the spot.

Beezy lets Haywood and Slush Monkey ride on his back as he races them down the mountain towards the beach so they can join in the fun! They had so much fun with the Care Bears and the kids that they even learned to care and share themselves! They stopped their out-of-season winter pranks and learned to do other things. Suddenly, the atmosphere warmed up a lot! Summer was back and the sun was out! Beezy used his icy breath to cool things down a little bit for everyone once it got too hot and Slush Monkey made everyone a tasty slushie! Haywood's ice machine also makes some very nice cool drinks for the summertime as well!

Soon, all the other Care Bears came down to join them. Birthday Bear decided that today was the perfect day for a party, because it's someone's birthday somewhere! And it just so happened that it was someone's birthday after all. After everyone sung happy birthday to dear someone, Glump starts to tear up. "Today's my birthday... And someone cared enough to remember... I think even I'm beginning to care!"


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