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The Quest for the Rainbow Stone is the first half-hour special of Care Bears: Unlock the Magic.


A new friend named Togetherness is about to become an official Care Bear in a fun ceremony. But Cheer gets so excited that she accidentally breaks the magical stone needed to give Togetherness her color!








  • All throughout the special, gender designs for some of the background Bears are inconsistent.
    • Secret Bear is depicted as a male all throughout the special, and has a spoken bit of dialogue clearly voiced by a male actor.[1]
    • Best Friend Bear also lacks eyelashes.[2]
    • Do-Your-Best Bear gains eyelashes in two scenes.[3]
  • When the Bears are walking with Togetherness, Birthday is holding the drum while Best Friend is holding the trumpet.[4]
  • When Bedtime talks about the Rainbow Stone, his Belly Badge is mirrored.[5]
  • At the end scene when Togetherness gets her colors, Do-Your-Best and Secret swap their instruments.[6] Then, they are swapped back to the right ones[7], but in the very next scene, they're holding the swapped instruments again and remain like this for the rest of the special.[8]
  • When Funshine says "Cheer is right! To Color Kingdom!" Tenderheart can be spotted with his storyboard accidentally laid opaque under him. This error goes away when he starts running.[9]
  • Smart Heart Bear's mention is accidentally written as "Small Heart" in the captions.
  • Share Bear lacks her eyelashes two scenes. However, after Funshine said "To Color Caverns!", She had Good Luck's hair tuft as she might have said "Let's Go!" when she runs offscreen with the other bears.