Care Bear Wiki

Treat Heart Pig: Done Captain! The course is locked in. (giggles)

Shreeky: Faster, Beastly! Faster!

Beastly: Oh, I’m going as fast as I can, Shreeky!

Shreeky: Well, it’s not fast enough. We’ve got to catch those Care Bears, meteor brain! So get going!

No Heart: You mean you don’t have them yet?

Shreeky: Uh, no uncle. Uh, I mean Lord No Heart.

No Heart: You must stop the Care Bears from spreading their caring throughout the universe or else!

Shreeky: Ok space face you heard him! Go to light speed!

Beastly: No, not light speed!

Shreeky: Yes, light speed! (She zaps Beastly's butt with a mirror)