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"The World's Mad at Me" is a song from the movie, Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! It is sung by Oopsy And Cheer Bear.


Oopsy Bear: I tried to do something

Make people happy

But I messed up and ruined the day

How will my friends, ever trust me again?

I'm so sad and the world's mad at me

I wanted the best stuff

But caused a disaster

and now we're all stuck in this mess

Cheer Bear: Put a smile on your face

We all make mistakes

Oopsy Bear: I want to believe you, I guess

I could've had rainbows and rides everyday

Cheer Bear: I promise we still will you'll see

With friends lining up for an Oopsy parade

Oopsy Bear: Will you be cheering for me?

Cheer Bear: You tried your best Oopsy

Don't be so blue

Oopsy Bear: But I feel so down today

Cheer Bear: I'll be your friend

Through thick and through thin

Oopsy Bear: So today the whole world's mad at me

Both: But tomorrow's a brand new day