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Treat Heart Baba and the Two Thieves is the second part of the thirty-first episode of The Care Bears Family.


Grams tells a story where Treat Heart Pig plays the role of Ali Baba in this episode with Beastly and Shreeky playing the roles of the thieving villains. Treat Heart must outwit the two antagonists in order to rescue the other Care Bears' stolen stuff.


  • Treat Heart Pig as Treat Heart Baba
  • Shreeky as Thief 1
  • Beastly as Thief 2


  • This is the second story to be set in the city of Badhgag, following The Magic Lamp.
  • There are similarities to both stories:
    • Shreeky and Beastly wear the same outfits
    • Beastly has trouble piloting a flying carpet (in the former, he says he flunked flying carpet school, while in the latter he says he should have studied harder)