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True Heart Bear is a lovable, friendly and wise Care Bear who always tells the truth. Her belly badge is a multi-colored star with a glowing pink heart in its center. True Heart Bear shows how the best, truest part of each of us radiates from what's in our heart.
―True Heart Bear's bio

True Heart Bear is the Care Bear who originally founded Care-a-Lot in the original series along with Noble Heart Horse, effectively making her the matriarch of the entire Care Bear Family. She first debuted as a character in 1986.



True Heart Bear has multicolored pastel fur and her Belly badge depicts a five pointed star, each point being a different colour with a heart in the centre. Initially her nose is colored orange and is later recolored pink.

In the original series she has pastel yellow fur. In Adventures in Care-a-Lot, she is re-imagined with faded pink fur and is a slightly younger version of herself with no special distinction among the other bears. Her Belly Badge is simplified, and has longer hair tied up in a pony tail.


Being the very first Care Bear, you could say that True Heart Bear set the standard for which all of her fuzzy brethren would follow. Kind, affectionate, and attentive, she exemplifies everything the label would later stand for, and along with her best friend Noble Heart Horse, raised most of the original cubs into the model bears they are today. She may not have asked for this job, but she sure wouldn't give it up for anything.

Beginning with the 2007 film Care Bears: Oopsy Does It! and its follow-up TV series Adventures in Care-a-Lot, True Heart is simply a normal, somewhat tech savvy bear who uses a digital camera and laptop to write for the town's website.



Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation[]

True Heart makes her debut in the second Care Bears film, where she and her friend Noble Heart Horse are seen spiriting several cubs away from the evil Dark Heart by boat. Just as he is about to attack them in the form of a sea serpent, the crew is pulled up into the sky by the Great Wishing Star, who acknowledges that they are among the most caring individuals on Earth, and gives them the duty of both protecting the cubs and spreading happiness throughout the world. The motherly bear even takes part in the very first caring mission to help a group of children at a camp.

Some time later, when the cubs have now grown into full-fledged Care Bears and Care Cousins, True Heart and Noble Heart continue their search for Dark Heart. However, the villain manages to keep them on a wild goose chase by using a shadow duplicate while he plots to capture the rest of the Care Bear Family. After getting help from a girl named Christy in exchange for making her good at sports, Dark Heart is able to capture most of the denizens of Care-a-Lot in their leaders' absence.

The Care Bears Family[]

True Heart makes several appearances in Nelvana's The Care Bears Family series.

  • Her first appearance is in the first episode of the series: Care-a-Lot's Birthday, where she and Noble Heart leave the rest of the Care Bears in charge of preparing for Care-a-Lot's "birthday" celebration while they go on a mission. Despite a hitch in their plans involving Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs getting kidnapped by Mr. Beastly, the Care Bears are able to finish their job before the True and Noble Heart get back.
  • In The Great Race, during the annual Care Bear Family Obstacle Race, with the prize being crowned king or queen for a day, the bears are shocked to discover that Mr. Beastly had put his own name in the pile as well. While they all object, True Heart half-heartedly explains that, as per the rules, any name drawn must be allow to participate. She spends the rest of the episode attempting to get Swift Heart Rabbit to take the race seriously enough to beat Beastly so he doesn't move Care-a-Lot.

2002-2006 Toyline[]

True Heart appears in the toyline. She sticks to her multicolored appearance here, and her belly badge is redesigned to have five different colors, clockwise from top: Yellow, purple, orange, blue, pink, and the color of the heart has changed to red and has a white border.


In this incarnation, True Heart recieved multiple changes. She is now portrayed the same age as the other bears, and acts like a normal care bear as opposed to being a motherly role in the 1980s. Her fur color has changed to pale pink, and her belly badge is now broken up into five sections without shine effects, among with a more abstract-styled heart. Lastly, her personal touch is a long ponytail held with a blue elastic, long bangs, and a purple shoulder bag with a blue sling and heart buttons.

Oopsy Does It![]

True Heart appears in the 2007 film Oopsy Does It! as among the citizens of Care-a-Lot whose badge is stolen by Grizzle, who tricks Oopsy Bear into helping him.

Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot[]

True Heart is a supporting character in Adventures in Care-a-Lot, where she is characterized as being a reporter for the town's website, and is never seen without her satchel that contains her laptop and digital camera.

  • Her first major appearance is in the episode Battle of the Bands, where she forms a band with Harmony Bear, Cheer Bear, and Share Bear, whose music begins to disturb Grizzle's sleep. In response, he begins to spread rumors that each of the band mates are saying bad things about each other in an attempt to get them to break up.
  • She is the main focus of the episode Trueheart's Big Trip, where she is later teased as being clumsy after she trips in front of the town, and has to learn that just because her friends laughed at her, it doesn't mean they don't like her.

In Harmony Unplugged, after telling Harmony that she has the best singing voice in town, True Heart decides that they should throw a concert together. However, Harmony begins to get a swelled ego and begins to snub her friend, making her do menial tasks while she stands in the spotlight. After seeing how conceited she's become, no one attends her concert except True Heart, who still supports her despite her actions.

  • In Bad News, she and Share Bear begin writing articles for the town website that quickly decline into tabloid reports based on half-truths and jumping to conclusions, such as Oopsy being a thief and stealing flowers from Share's garden when he was really just pulling weeds. When they realize that most of their articles are hurting their friends, they publicly apologize and vow to do all the research first.

Care Bears: The Giving Festival[]

True Heart is the main focus of a subplot in this direct-to-video movie, and is seen mainly with Oopsy Bear.

She and Oopsy decide to surprise the Care Power Team with a trip to WooHoo World. When the other Bears arrive to ride on the Funderbolt Roller Coaster, she stands far away from it. When she gets pressured to join, she runs away crying. When Oopsy and Wingnut find her behind a bush, admitting to the two that she's scared of the Funderbolt and didn't want to feel embarrassed on being left out. Oopsy decides to help her overcome her fear. During the night, she rides on the Wheel, but when the leaver accidently goes to the fastest setting, it sends her spinning until Oopsy and Wingnut can stop the ride. Although it appears she is in shock, True Heart really enjoys it.

The next day, she starts feeling nervous again, but Oopsy joins her to properly overcome her fears. However, when the Caring Tower alarm goes off, the two find out that a cave has collapsed, and so they decide to use Grumpy's Bumbleberry Delivery System as a drill and the Fundervolt to head to the area where the other Bears are trapped. It's successful in saving the other Bears (abit breaking on them, to which Grumpy isn't thrilled).

Later on, it's revealed that True Heart and the other Bears went on the Funderbolt at least 20 times. The former isn't even bored and still loves the ride, while Funshine, Share and Oopsy get all dizzy. She isn't seen for the rest of the movie afterwards.

Welcome to Care-a-Lot[]

For the 2010's series, True Heart took on a multicolored, yet pastel, appearance. She has only appeared in the Just Play toyrange where her plushes have a tie-die appearance. Her belly badge reverts to its 2002 look, but lacks the shine effects on the points.

Unlock the Magic[]

For her 2019 redesign, True Heart becomes more animesque, her fur reverts to pale pink from 2007, and her belly badge is slightly split into five sections on each point, but still stay connected to the star. Her blush stickers are heart-shaped.

Comic series[]

True Heart makes only one appearance in Star Comics' Care Bears series in the issue 5 story "The Very First Care Bear", which is meant to be a prequel to Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation. Before the events of the film, True Heart and her friend Noble Heart lived in a place called the Peaceful Valley, where they were alerted to the sound of crying deep within a cave. Upon inspection, they find that a large group of young animals are being held in a cage my a malevolent force called "Dark Heart", who wishes to corrupt them. Using her hidden power, True Heart is able to open the cage and set them free, but they still must escape the shadowy villain. Unlike the film where they go by sea, here they are all transported to the Kingdom of Caring by simply wishing in unison, and meet the Great Wishing Star. For their great love and compassion, True Heart and Noble Heart are made the very first members of the Care Bear Family.


2004-2006: True Heart Bear is all you would expect the very first Care Bear to be. She's perky, friendly, lovable, and loving. She almost glows with happy feelings. Her tummy symbol hints at all the beautiful kinds of caring that shine out from her - it's a rainbow star glowing out from a heart.

2002 Website Profile:

Caring Mission: Helps everyone share caring feelings.
Symbol: Her glowing rainbow star and heart symbol hints at the many kinds of caring.
Personality: Perky, friendly and loving.
Character Quirk: She can almost magically make things out of rainbows.
Color: Multi-colored.
Best Friend: Best Friend Bear
Relationship Challenge: She thinks Do-Your-Best Bear tries too hard.
Motto: Let your happiness glow!

2007-2011: True Heart Bear is a perky, lovable and loving Care Bear who always tells the truth. Her belly badge is a multi-colored star with a glowing pink heart in its center. True heart Bear shows how the best, truest part of each of us shines out from what's in our heart.

The Bears Are Back in Town - The Ultimate Guidebook: Loveable, friendly, and wise, for a long time True Heart Bear has been the bear that others go to when they need advice. Her wisdom helps guide others, and though sometimes her advice may be tough, she is always fair. True Heart knows that her friends need to learn from life experiences on their own. True Heart Bear knows she can't always tell them what they must do.

2022-present: True Heart Bear is a lovable, friendly and wise Care Bear who always tells the truth. Her belly badge is a multi-colored star with a glowing pink heart in its center. True Heart Bear shows how the best, truest part of each of us radiates from what's in our heart.

HeadStart UTM products: True Heart Bear is lovable, perky, friendly and fun - everything you would expect from the co-founder of the Kingdom of Caring! The first of the Care Bears, she has always taught the importance of sharing and caring. True Heart's belly badge is a multi-colored rainbow star with a heart at the center - showing all of the beautiful kinds of caring that come from the heart.


  • True Heart is one of only a few characters, along with Noble Heart Horse and Harmony Bear, to appear in the second film but not the first, though her absence from the previous movie is never explained.
  • Her belly badge is meant to be a reverse Noble Heart's. While she has a small heart inside a large star, he has a small star inside a large heart.
  • She is the only bear in the original series to have hair that's a different color than her fur.
  • According to the Great Wishing Star, he was the one who gave True Heart and Noble Heart their names, it is unknown what their names were before then, if they had any.

In Various Languages[]

Croatian: Zvjezdana (from the word zvijezda, "star")
Dutch: Eerlijkhart ("Honest Heart")
French: Grostendre ("Great Tender")
French (Canadian): Coeurpur ("Pure Heart")
German: Treue Bärchi ("Loyalty Bear")
Portuguese: Sincera ("Truly")
Japanese: トゥルーハートベア ("Turuu Haato Bear")
Spanish: Sincerosita ("Sincere Bear")


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