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Upside-Down Clown

The Upside-Down Clown from the comic series

The Upside-Down Clown is a villain from the Care Bears Comic book series who appeared in the issue thirteen story The Upside-Down Clown. He is a particularly money-hungry circus clown with purple pants held up by suspenders, and an orange and white polka-dotted shirt and pointed hat. Not to mention his Gravity Battery which can turn people upside down at a whim, he preferred method of pilfering loose change.

Comic series[]

When Bedtime Bear notice a strange occurrence at a circus where children are floating upside down only to have their pocket change stolen by a shadowy figure, he Birthday Bear, and Wish Bear go down to get to the bottom of this top-down mystery. Upon arrival, they learn that a disgruntled clown is behind the anti-gravity escapades, and chase him through the circus grounds until they themselves are floating helplessly thanks to his Gravity Battery ray gun. When the villain attempts to escape through a house of mirrors, Wish Bear gets an idea to fire a Care Bear Stare inside and have it reflect off all the mirrors, amplifying its power. Sure enough, the kleptomaniac clown is struck with the beam and reverts to a much nicer form, agreeing to give back all his ill-gotten gains. Ball Bearings

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