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The Vizier is the main antagonist of the Care Bears Family television special Care Bears Nutcracker Suite. Unlike most other characters from the special, he does not appear to be based on any one character from Tchaikovsky's ballet, but he could been seen as a very loose interpretation of Councilor Drosselmeyer while also taking over the villain role from the Mouse King.


He is a tall, thin-set man with a long Fu Manchu mustache who wears a purple robe and tall turban. His features resemble The Wizard of Wonderland.


As head wizard and royal adviser to the Prince of Toyland, the evil Vizier always wanted to be king, and one day tried to stage a coup for his master's throne by stealing his magic ring that held power over the entire kingdom. However, as the ring was spirited away by the Sugar Plum Fairy, he spitefully turned the prince into a wooden Nutcracker and erased his memory, claiming his seat of power in the meantime. He commands his own personal army of humanoid rats led by his lackey the Rat King.


He is able to cast spells.

In other languages:[]

Spanish: Visir ("Vizier")


  • The Vizier is very similar to The Wizard of Wonderland from the third movie in both design and motive. Both are magic-using advisers who live in worlds based on popular stories who long for their master's thrones, and command a group of henchman to do all their dirty work.
  • His name is misspelled "Vizeer" in the chapter menu of the Care Bears Nutcracker Suite DVD.
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