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Wedding Bells is the first part of the 10th episode in the DiC Series.


Professor Coldheart is monitoring children from Cold Heart Castle, lamenting over their good nature as a result of the Care Bears' activities. He's determined to stop them.

Auntie Freeze appears and Coldheart quickly changes his demeanor, treating her like he has deep affection for her. He asks her to marry him and wants to hold have the ceremony in Care-A-Lot. As soon as she leaves to inform her mother of the good news, Coldheart drops the false pretense and reveals the truth to Frostbite. This is part of a plan to take over Care-A-Lot.

Two boys named Jeffery and Chris were sitting on a park bench when Coldheart, unnoticed, uses a feather on each of them - creating the illusion that each of them had done so to each other. As Coldheart and Frostbite predicted, the resulting argument caught the attention of the Care Bears. Coldheart intervened and solved the friendship problem that he caused. The Care Bears question what caused this change. He "revealed" that he and Auntie Freeze intended to get married if they could find a suitable location - insisting that Cold Heart Castle isn't appropriate. The Care Bears volunteer to host the event.

While the Care Bears make their preparations, Coldheart makes his. He installed his pipe organ and prepared it for what was to come. Love-A-Lot performed the ceremony. After saying their "I Dos", Coldheart somewhat reluctantly, and Love-A-Lot offers the opportunity to object, Coldheart signals Frost Bite - subtle at first, then losing his patience "Now, Frostbite. Now!"

Frost Bite presses a control, revealing a hidden keyboard, and starts playing a tune that causes Care-A-Lot to shake apart. Coldheart admits his pleasure. When Auntie Freeze realizes that this wedding was a ruse, she loses her temper and freezes Cold Heart before he can escape from her. Deciding that "my wedding isn't the only thing that's going to be ruined", she orders Frostbite to continue playing. When the ceiling of the Hall of Hearts collapses near him, he vacates the area.

Gentle Heart takes the opportunity to Call at the organ and begins playing. It reverses the organ's previous effects, restoring the Hall of Hearts to its former condition.

The wedding is over, but Care Bears decide to continue celebrating anyway. As the villains leave on Cold Heart's balloon, Auntie Freeze promises revenge on Cold Heart for this incident. "You'll wish you'd never heard the name 'Auntie Freeze'!"