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Who Cares Bears

The Who Cares Bears. From left to right: Unfair Bear, No-No Bear, Unbearable Bear, and Bored Bear

The Who Cares Bears are a group of villains from the Care Bears Comic book series who appeared in the issue eleven story The Who-Cares Bears. Created by No Heart from four of his Shadows, they are his own evil team of Care Bears bent on ruining their good counterparts' reputation. They include Unfair Bear, with purple fur and Belly badge that resembles a black spade, No-No Bear, with red fur and an orange "no" symbol badge, Unbearable Bear, with pink fur and a blue fork badge, and Bored Bear, an with orange fur and a badge that resembles a human hand giving a "thumbs down".


After once again ruining his plans to corrupt children using his sinister shadows, No Heart is at a lose at how to defeat his fuzzy adversaries. When Mr. Beastly comments that if the shadows looked more like bears they'd have an easier time blending in, No Heart gets an idea to create his own team of Care Bears to spread his malevolence and ruin the good bear's reputation at the same time. After sending Beastly to Care-a-Lot to gather one of the bear's measurements, he places four shadows inside special bear-shaped molds and enacts spell to bring them to life. Thus, the Who Cares Bears are born.

Stare vs Glare

Stare vs. Glare

Causing trouble at a school, the Who Cares Bears make things worse than before - Unfair Bear encourages kids to cheat, Unbearable Bear eats all their food, No-No Bear just yells "No!" all the time, and Bored Bear completely ignores the principle's pleas to leave. By the time the real Care Bears arrive to set things right, they are already hated by everyone at the school, who can't tell the two groups apart.

Regrouping at Care-a-Lot, the team notices that the Who-Cares Bears are about to disrupt a school assembly, with Good Luck Bear, Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, and Bedtime Bear arriving to stop them. The two teams have a stand-off in front of the whole school, with the Care Bear Stare clashing with the "Who Cares Bear Glare". With the kids rallying behind the real bears, No Heart orders Beastly to drop the curtain, but the bumbling lackey accidentally drops sandbags from the ceiling that fall on the fakes, destroying their artificial bodies and releasing the shadows within. The Who-Cares Bears


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