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Windle is the main antagonist of the Care Bears: The Giving Festival.

Physical Appearance[]



Care Bears: The Giving Festival[]

Windle is responsible for attempting to stop the titular Giving Festival by locking up Princess Starglo and causing a massive wind to blow all over Care-a-Lot so the Bears wouldn't be able to hold it.

When Cheer, Share, Grumpy, and Funshine notice the locked up Starglo, they get surrounded by a fierce wind which was revealed to be the cause from Windle. He finds many ways to try and stop the Bears from getting to Starglo's cage, like blowing even harder winds, teleporting to prevent his own capture, not getting hurt by Funshine's sunshine ball, and dropping Share's key before she is able to free Starglo.

The Bears then use a "Super Mega Wonderful" Care Bear Stare to cause him to change his ways. Windle then frees Starglo and after apologising for his actions to her, starts to feel quite glum and reveals his reason for disliking the Giving Festival - he has nothing to give at the festival. The Bears then showcase that the gift of himself is all that can matters.

When they return to Care-a-Lot, they all notice Grumpy's Snow Machine was destroyed, which Windle also feels guilty about for almost wrecking the entire festival with his winds. However, his winds do prove a good use as an alternative to Grumpy's snow machine, making real snow for the festival.


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