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Winslow Homely

Winslow Homely from the comic series

Winslow Homely is a villain from the Care Bears Comic book series who appears in the issue twelve story The Magic Paint. A disgruntled artist, he uses a special paint that brings his artwork to life to attempt to get back at all those who criticized him.

Comic series[]

After noticing an irate Homely wrecking his art studio, Tenderheart Bear, Cheer Bear, and Good Luck Bear travel to Earth to help perk him up. However, the snarling artist has already decided that revenge is the best way to solve his problem of no one appreciating his artwork, and uses a special paint developed by his old college roommate Viktor Frankenbeans to bring his latest creations to life. After drawing a bomb on his canvas that falls to the floor, Good Luck chucks it out the window before it explodes, but Homely responds by creating a three-eyed polkadotted monster to chase the bears away.

After being chased down the street, Good Luck gets the idea to douse the creature in paint thinner, destroying it. Returning to the studio, the group sees Homely about to bring life to his greatest work yet, his monster mural, filled with images of several horrific monsters, that he plans to unleash on several art critics who he invited to see it. Thinking quickly, Good Luck covers his canvas in the paint thinner just as the critics arrive. In a twist, however, the critics actually like this mangled mural and praise Homely as a legitimate artist. He is so thankful to the bears that he paints them a large hot air balloon to help get them home. The Magic Paint


  • Homely's college roommate, Viktor Frankenbeans, is actually a character from another toy-inspired Star Comics publication, Mad Balls, whom the Care Bear would actually have a crossover with in issue 13.
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