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Wish Bear likes to make wishes come true and believes there's nothing in the world that a wish can't help. Even when wishes don't come true, she still thinks wishing is a lot of fun!
―Wish Bear's Bio

Wish Bear is one of the ten original Care Bears who first appeared on American Greetings cards in 1982. Ever since, she has been a main character in nearly every incarnation of the franchise.



Wish Bear has turquoise fur and her Belly badge depicts a yellow shooting star with a smile on its face. In some versions, her fur is a slightly darker shade of green.

In the TV series Adventures in Care-a-Lot, she wears a star-shaped hair clip.


Classic art depicting Wish and Love-a-Lot Bear.


Wish helps make wishes come true, and even if they don't always come true, making wishes and working hard to help make them come true is still fun. Her personality is fitting to her horoscope, which is Gemini.

Wish Bear Gemini

Art taken from the official Care Bears Instagram.

Twinkers, a wishing star, is her best friend (whom she met as a cub) who appears in Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot as well as in The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie where Wish Bear is the main character.


The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings[]

Screenshot 2020-09-22-09-03-52-228

Wish bear in The Care Bears in The Land Without Feelings.

Whilst the other 8 bears search for a boy named Kevin, Wish Bear and Grumpy Bear keep a girl named Donna company. Until the other bears each become defeated one by one by the perilous environment and the villain Professor Coldheart's devices. Wish Bear then makes a wish that brings everyone to the villain's castle, which is where Kevin was being kept.

The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine[]

Wish Bear appears in the second special: The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine.

The Care Bears Movie[]

Wish Bear appears in the first movie: The Care Bears Movie.

DIC series[]

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation[]

Baby Wish Bear

Wish Bear as a Cub in Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation.

Wish Bear appears in the second movie: Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation.

The Care Bears Family[]

Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot[]

Wish Bear appears in the first CG Care Bears video: Journey to Joke-a-Lot. After Funshine Bear runs away to the titular town so his practical jokes can be appreciated, he is crowned king as part of a secret plot by a rat named Sir Funnybone to steal the royal treasure, and Wish is among the bears who go on the mission to find Funshine and come to Joke-a-lot to help stop him.

The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie[]

In the second CG Care Bears video, Wish Bear is the main protagonist. After her wishes with Twinkers end up backfiring, Wish decides to wish for some new neighbors, those being Me Bear, Messy Bear, and Too Loud Bear.

Wish Bears 2005

Classic art depicting Wish and Love-a-Lot Bear.

However, the new Bears abuse the power of Wish Bear's wishing star Twinkers, she accidently wishes him to the three Bears, who end up abusing to the point that Care-a-Lot begins falling apart.

Wish Bear alongside other Bears, team up to rebuild it before its too late.

Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot[]

Wish Bear appears in Adventures in Care-a-Lot, mostly as a background character.

In this series, she is redesigned to look more youthful and anime-like, and her personal touch is short bangs and wears a shooting star hairpin with tassels. Her belly badge is also redesigned to look more simplified, removing the extra stars and reducing the shooting star trail to three small rays which don't touch the edge. The star's eyes are also closed, and gain cheeks.

Wish Bear has a supporting role in Twinklet, where Oopsy Bear accidentally knocks a Twinklet out of the sky. Wish and the other Care Bears warn Oopsy that taking care of a Twinklet will be a lot of work. At the end of the episode, Wish tells Oopsy that Twinkers can take the Twinklet home to Glitter City where it belongs.

Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot[]

Wish makes mostly background shots in Welcome to Care-a-Lot.

In this incarnation, she regains her 2002 look, but her belly badge received several changes. The face on the shooting star now has an open mouth, though regaining the cheeks from the previous incarnation, and the edges are more rounded. The gold rainbow trail is slightly higher, and the extra stars returned, but lack their edges.

She frequently adds the word "wish" into her speech.

Care Bears & Cousins[]

Wish makes a major appearance in the episode Wishing Well. When Lotsa Heart Elephant gets into a panic over her poetry and accidently wishes that the following day would never come, the former accidently causes night in Care-a-Lot to stay forever.

2010's series[]

Unlock the Magic[]

Wish Portal

Wish Bear from Unlock the Magic.

In the newest series, Wish has become a very practical and supportive bear. She is a good people-person, believes herself to be a sort of "mom" to the Caring mission, and advocates paying it forward. This is a change from previous incarnations, who mostly portrayed Wish Bear as naive and a little lost. Her role as a main character has also been reinstated.

In this incarnation, Wish is more antimasque, and has diamond-shaped blush stickers. The extra stars on her belly badge have been removed once more, and the shooting star has been angled upright and lacks edges.

She is the main character in the episode A Wish-Full Reunion.


2002-2006: Do you have a wish? Then Wish Care Bear is the bear you should wish for. She knows that sometimes wishes come true, and that even when they don't, making wishes can be a lot of fun. She shows this with her tummy symbol - a smiling wishing star.

2002 Website Profile:

Caring Mission: Helps wishes come true.
Symbol: Wish Bear's shooting star with a rainbow tail reminds us to believe in our dreams.
Personality: Quiet and shy.
Character Quirk: Can sometimes "magically" make the wishes come true—but not always, and sometimes the wishes come true in funny ways.
Color: Light Teal.
Best Friend: Cheer Bear and Bedtime Bear.
Relationship Challenge: Sometimes Good Luck Bear teases her into arguments about who is luckier.
Motto: Your wish is my wish!

20th Anniversary: Wish Bear helps make people's wishes come true. She believes that there's not a worry in the world that a wish won't wipe out. Wish Bear is a dreamer, but a special kind of dreamer because her wishful thinking makes other' dreams come true. Wish Bear's wishing star tummy symbol reminds us that there is magic and hope in wishing.

2007-2011: Wish Bear has the best job in the whole world-to help make wishes come true! Her best friend is Twinkers, a wishing star that helps her grant wishes. But look out-those wishes don't always turn out like you hope. Wish Bear's belly badge is a bright shooting star with a rainbow trail.

2020-present Wish Bear likes to make wishes come true and believes there's nothing in the world that a wish can't help. Even when wishes don't come true, she still thinks wishing is a lot of fun!

The Bears Are Back in Town - The Ultimate Guidebook: Wish it. Dream it. Do it! Practical, supportive, and nurturing, Wish Bear is always there for the Care Bears, no matter what. An excellent listener who is always open to others, Wish has been known to grant wishes even before they've been wished. This nurturing bear believes anyone has the power to grant a wish if they listen and are open. She's proud of all that the Carte Bears have accomplished on their journey, especially how much each bear has learned and grown.

HeadStart UTM products: If you've got a wish, Wish Bear's there with a smile to help make sure it comes true! She can handle just about any wish around and always encourages her friends to make sure they wish extra-big! The smiling shooting star on her belly reminds us that wonder things can happen as long as we keep shooting for the stars!

In Various Languages[]

Danish: Ønskebjørn ("Wish Bear")
Dutch: Wensbeertje
French: Grostaquin/Toumagique
French (Canadian): Désirnours
German: Wunschbärchi ("Wish Bear")
Italian (80's toy package): Magicorso ("Magic Bear")
Italian (Cartoon): Desiderorso ("Eager Bear")
Japanese: ウィッシュベア ("Wuishyu Bear")
Mandarin (Taiwan): 祝星熊/Zhùxīng xióng ("Wishing Star Bear")
Norwegian: Drømmebamse ("Dream Bear")
Polish: Miś Życzeń ("Wishlist Bear")
Spanish: Deseosita ("Wish Bear")
Spanish (Spain): Deseosita ("Wish Bear")
Swedish: Önskenalle ("Wishful Bear")


Wish bear1

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  • In the Big Wish Movie, Wish Bear mentions that she has an uncle named Wish-a-Lot, but he never actually appeared at all.
  • For some reason, for her 2007 design, the smiling face on the star on her belly badge is missing in all animation and promotional artwork.
  • When she was a cub in the Big Wish Movie, she couldn't pronounce "imagination" right.
  • Wish Bear was the only Care Bear who appeared a cub in two movies: Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation and The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie. She also wore a yellow bow and two white socks with cyan laces in the former, but not the latter. She also makes baby sounds in the former and talks in the latter.
  • In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, An item called the Dreamy Bear Toy can be obtained and customized in 6 different colors. One of them (The green variant) resembles Wish Bear.


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