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WooHoo World is an amusement park within Care-a-Lot constructed by Oopsy, Cheer, Funshine, Share, and Grumpy in the movie Oopsy Does It!.


Care Bears: Oopsy Does It![]

WooHoo World is the main setting for most of the film. The bears are working hard to complete it, and each one of them has a specific job. Oopsy Bear is assigned to paint one of the rides. He gets stuck and ends up sliding off of it, taking all of the paint with him. Later following a test ride on the Funderbolt rollercoaster, Oopsy has the "Oopsy of all-time" and ends up destroying the park.

In the end, the ride (and others) are fixed and completed. The film concludes with all of the bears enjoying the newly done park.

Care Bears: The Giving Festival[]

WooHoo World reappears in The Giving Festival. It is the main setting of a subplot involving Oopsy Bear and True Heart Bear, where the latter is embarrassed to admit she is scared to go on the Funderbolt Roller Coaster, in which Oopsy helps her get over her fears.

Known rides/attractions[]

  • The Funderbolt - A gigantic rollercoaster and the centerpiece of the amusement park.